The Quinton Report endorses a candidate for Governor of Maryland


Up until now, I didn’t have a candidate in the race for Governor. After long thought and consideration, I’ve decided on a candidate to endorse.

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lollar-empty-chairsI’ve decided to let bygones be bygones and endorse Charles Lollar for Governor in the Republican primary.

I have no beef with Charles Lollar himself and I never have. I really didn’t have a personal beef with his campaign staff or his supporters either until their awkward blackmail attempts and middle of the night visit to my neighborhood over the Veterans Day weekend.

However, I’ve decided to turn the other cheek and not let Lollar’s supporters stop me from supporting the only man with a chance to win the general election. The polls are meaningless and the media’s references to him as a longshot are inaccurate. All the campaign staff problems are just staffing problems that can be worked out.

I look forward to offering my expertise in communications to the Lollar campaign whether it be messaging strategy or social media strategy and tactics. They have had a lot of problems with messaging lately and some staffers in those areas have jumped ship. The right answer to media questions like this one are “I don’t know if we’ll be at that event but I will get back to you with an answer” instead of admitting you are totally clueless about the question. That’s the kind of judgement they’ve seemingly been missing that I can help with.

I look forward to hearing from Lollar to personally discuss with him how I might best contribute to his campaign.

Yes, ¬†there are problems with the campaign, mainly due to a small number of staffers and supporters, but it’s not an unsalvageable trainwreck if certain changes are made. I really believe Charles Lollar is a man of integrity, so that means the buck stops with him and these changes should be easy to make.

One of the biggest problems related to the Lollar campaign is Julie Brewington, who continues to reflect poorly on the campaign and on Charles Lollar himself as long as she is in a role of responsibility. Let’s look at her as a case study for how not to act online when you’re on the staff of a candidate. Consider this my first piece of free advice for Charles Lollar now that I’ve endorsed him.

Brewington, who is due in court today, could write a book on how to alienate people from her candidate by her words and actions. Her latest misstep came on her own blog last night when she made posts attacking Brian Murphy and Dan Bongino. If that was all that the posts consisted of, then it wouldn’t be a huge deal. ¬†However, there’s more to it than that.

Go read the post on Murphy. Note the picture at the bottom of the post of a house. Also, hover over that picture and note the URL for it. I’ve even made a screen capture of the picture along with the address for it on the web.


That domain,, is the staff portal for the Lollar campaign. Don’t get that confused with, which was previously down for almost 11 days. I suspect Brewington was coordinating things with another Lollar team member and they were using the portal as a low-tech file transfer/storage solution, but instead of downloading it to her own computer and uploading it to her blog, Brewington just hot-linked it on the Lollar staff portal.

Andrew Langer called her out on this on Twitter.

You can see the responses on Twitter, including from Brewington herself if you click through to Langer’s tweet. He also posted about it on Facebook here, where Brewington also left some garbled late night responses (as she did on Twitter.)

Here’s one sample of Brewington’s tweeting overnight:

Brewington’s tweets were quite bombastic last night as she trashed Dan Bongino, Brian Murphy, Larry Hogan, and Change Maryland while positing a conspiracy theory that might make Alex Jones look sane. Her tweets got more agitated as the evening wore on. I’m sure she will be deleting many of them this morning if she hasn’t already (but don’t worry – screen captures already exist.)

One of the people sparring with on her Twitter offered his theory of what might have been going on:


In addition to a post trashing Bongino, who she has been a huge fan of in the past, Brewington posted this short but brief one about vetting “Canidates” even later on her blog.

I’m thinking my offer of help will be for naught however. The groupthink that’s going on among Lollar supporters and staff is so skewed away from reality that commonsense advice and admission that something might be wrong is akin to treason, even when it’s true. Lollar’s sense of loyalty is normally a good thing, but he also needs to temper that with reality. It’s a long race and I have no doubt that Charles Lollar will be running until primary day.

While Karen Winterling likely is too ensconced in her position as campaign manager right now, I’d like to offer Charles Lollar and his campaign another piece of free advice. If they don’t take it, then that’s on them. All I can do is offer this sincere suggestion – remove Julie Brewington from a position of authority (Eastern Regional Coordinator) with your campaign. Find some envelopes to stuff or yard signs to assemble or something else that keeps her totally out of the public eye. As long as she is in a position with your campaign staff, she is a liability with all of the outrageous things she does and says online and in person. It doesn’t matter if she says she is speaking for herself (as she does above), it will come back to bite your campaign.

I expect this endorsement and honest suggestions won’t be received constructively by the campaign if they even manage to get to Charles Lollar himself, but I’ve done all I can do to offer them. The voters ultimately will be the judge.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Was Julie drunk when she made that FUCKING LOSERS comment? Or is she so damn clueless that when you work on a campaign you are suppose to have some sort of integrity. I have no problems telling my friend Charles what kind of total buffoon this woman is and a woman who is so self indulged, IE, NARCISSISM……Come on Julie, leave the mint juleps alone, do the right thing and step down from Charles campaign before you do irrevocable damage. Hey, sue me while your at it.

  2. Maybe Mr. Lollar can hire away Brown/Ulman operative William Pierce, who has posted on his Facebook page that he worked for Republican Buddy Roehmer’s Presidential campaign as Director of Scheduling & Advance from July 2011 to March of 2012. Buddy used to be Governor of Louisiana, so William must be familiar with bare knuckle GOP brawling. Pierce is now working on the field staff for Brown…probably a big step down from a GOP presidential campaign, no?