Dan Bongino appears to call out Charles Lollar staffer


Bryan Sears reports:

Dan Bongino, a Republican candidate for House of Representatives issued a statement Tuesday night calling for an end to “parochial spats developing amongst a limited number of campaign staffs” within his own party.


Bongino, who is running in the state’s 6th Congressional District, did not offer specifics on the actions or campaigns that prompted his statement. He was not immediately available for comment.

“I respectfully request that the remaining candidates on our Party team do the same and start to prune their campaign trees of people who alienate rather than unite,” Bongino wrote.

Here’s Bongino’s status update on Facebook:


As someone who just endorsed Charles Lollar yesterday, I would agree with Bongino and it appears to me he’s specifically referring to behavior of staffers of the Lollar campaign. Specifically, Julie Brewington, who is now fixated on Bongino as the focus of her conspiracy-mongering seems to be who that message was targeting, if anyone specific. It seems that in Brewington’s world everybody is out to get Charles Lollar, so that justifies her profane, twisted rantings every night on Twitter (@rightcoastgirl) against whoever she decides is most to blame for Lollar’s woes at that particular time.

Brewington’s latest kick is that anybody pointing out that her words and actions are harming Lollar’s credibility is trying to silence her. She fails to understand that the people who really don’t like Lollar want her to keep talking. It’s not a First Amendment issues, despite her attempts to make herself a free speech martyr.

This disclaimer has been added to all her blog posts now:

* These are not the opinion of the Lollar campaign. This is my opinion regarding my first amendment right as a free woman.

When you say things like this:


It’s really not a surprise people are going to suggest that you are harming the Lollar campaign when you apparently have no self-control over what you say online. Free speech comes with responsibility. If you can’t handle people disagreeing with you to the point you trash them and allege conspiracies to shut you up just because of their disagreement, then it might be time to take a vacation. It’s irony indeed when people want free speech but don’t seem to recognize that people who disagree have that same right.

Her latest post about Bongino (in which she originally discussed “Ironey” before correcting the spelling):

This man claimed I personally started his campaign kickoff in 2010 yet look what he does to his “friends. ” To think I invited this jerk in my house to make campaign calls for his ambitions for public office, makes my skin crawl.

All of Bongino’s orchestrated personal attacks on me to try to eliminate my friend Charles Lollar in his bid for Governor, a race Bongino has nothing to do with, is beyond gutter politics, as I seek no office.

Details will be forthcoming.

You stepped in it Dan.

Of course, she probably needs to actually get Bongino’s Twitter handle right consistently before she tries to step up to the plate to anything more complicated than that.

Monday night, it was Change Maryland, Larry Hogan, and Red Maryland who were out to get Brewington and Lollar. Last night it was Dan Bongino. Will it be Ron George or David Craig tonight?

I still support Charles Lollar, but I’m having to hold my nose to do it with the likes of Julie Brewington spewing all the garbage she spews on a nightly basis.

Maybe that pruning will take place soon as Charles Lollar is an intelligent man and must surely see what Brewington is apparently incapable of seeing.



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  1. The consistent cursing in social media leads me to think someone thinks they are more influential than they are. That’s a bad attitude to take into politics, especially if you happen to be an operative who has never been on a winning team at a significant level…