An Open Letter to Charles Lollar from Mike Phillips


The following open letter to Charles Lollar was written by former campaign staffer and Lollar friend Mike Phillips:

An Open Letter to Charles Lollar:

I’m no blogger. I gave that habit up after countless days of typing until sun-up and endless debates with opposing commenter’s during the 2008 Presidential election cycle. Thus, I have no place to post such a lengthy statement of opinion (not judgement as some will accuse, simply opinion of one GOP voter – and yes – I had a phone conversation).

But I wanted to crack open my laptop and keyboard to draft a quick open letter for a Governor Candidate that I count as a friend and who used to count me as one.  I would implore my friend Charles Lollar to be the man, the Marine, the Christian Brother I met six years ago and do what it takes to get your campaign back on track.

If you think it is on track – you sir, are sadly mistaken. As a former campaign team member – before I submitted my resignation – ethically, I saw behavior from your staff leadership that were mistreating other staff members, verbally abusive, lied regarding a number of campaign activities, shunned people not on the campaign who sought to volunteer, shunned those who were officially invited by you personally to join the team and effectively “fired” without provocation.The personal attacks and threats and false accusations that I have received have just been inauspicious but not surprising given not only the ‘ethical’misconduct but the ‘spiritual’ failings you and I discussed privately. It’s not that campaign staffs need to be spiritual, per se, but those who claim to be Christian should have a sense of discernment where certain principalities and powers are at play and not be “yoked” together with them.

Additionally,members of your campaign have not only been abusive in their public comments toward those who may or may not support you or even oppose you, but have maligned,degraded, and attempted to humiliate – and quite possibly participated in libelous activities – to defame one former military veteran all in their feeble attempt to “defend” you. It is inexcusable for one of your campaign staff members to call a blogger a “child molester” – even if it were true and it certainly is not.

These types of actions by your campaign staff members (all of them who have either participated in the above mentioned instance or other activities they have written publicly about) is unprofessional, inexcusable, and embarrassing to you and your efforts to become Governor of this state. You yourself have criticized privately (if not publicly) the bully politics of Bob Ehrlich. Yet, I find your campaign far worse in my estimation than Ehrlich’s ever was. Your staff is rude to people who call wanting to know how they can help. They are exclusive – as shown by their publicly advertised “campaign only” website. The suggested sodality bleeds through on your public social network postings your staff is writing in your behalf.

In short – Mr. Lollar – this is not you. It’s certainly not the Charles Lollar I knew and met with five years ago in a Panera Bread Restaurant when you and I prayed about your running for Governor.

You tell me to expect a more “disciplined” campaign going forward – and so I will.In the meantime your campaign owes some public apologies. The primary apology I desire and need to hear as publicly as the offense was given is to one Jeff Quinton for the public statements of your staffer – Julie Brewington – calling Mr. Quinton a Child Molester with no evidence and certainly plenty of explanation to the contrary via an unfortunate mishap as well as any involvement your staff may have had or directed toward posting fliers in Mr. Quinton’s neighborhood unfoundedly stating he is a child molester.

You choose to ignore the bloggers – fine. But you MUST choose to be ethical, moral,and above board in all your activities and those of your staff, as deserved of termination as they may be. You were warned far in advance of your announcing for governor candidacy that your leadership needed replacing for reasons toward experience (or lack thereof) as well as their reputation among GOP’s in this state for being who they have effectively shown themselves to be. The feculence is now afloat and your campaign is suffering as a result.

Do the RIGHT Thing…while you still have your integrity intact. Please, don’t forget – it is you that has stated many times in many speeches “Hold your elected officials feet to the fire.” The same directive applies to our candidates.

Your friend,

Mike Phillips

Sometimes you have to be a friend even when that friend thinks you are the enemy.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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