The Quinton Report withdraws endorsement of Charles Lollar


Even with my endorsement of Charles Lollar last week, I expressed some reservations with some of the problems he has had with members of his campaign team, especially in light of my own experiences with them online and when they visited my neighborhood in the middle of the night.

Late last week, Charles Lollar reached out to me through an influential Republican to let me know that my concerns had been heard, and that he was making moves to address them. However, about the same time, something else happened that gave me pause.

If you missed it last week, Lollar’s Eastern Regional Coordinator, Julie Brewington, used the word “retards” on Twitter in a heated political conversation. She later deleted the tweets, but not before being called on it by a special needs advocate and blogger. Mark Newgent blogged more about it later. Brewington ended up avoiding debate on the subject while claiming to block people on Twitter who were upset about it. She later alleged it was all ginned up as part of Red Maryland’s conspiracy against her.

Here’s what the advocate, via Adventures in Extreme Parenthood, had to say about it:

Call me crazy but something tells me Charles Lollar for Governor of Maryland wouldn’t be pleased to find out his Eastern Regional Coordinator is using hate speech on Twitter to berate those who disagree with his politics.

I may not be a republican but you can bet your ass that if I was I wouldn’t vote for someone who allowed one of their senior campaign staff to get away with crap like this:



In light of all of the above plus some other things that have happened (or not happened), I am withdrawing my endorsement of Charles Lollar. I am not endorsing anyone else anytime soon, if at all. I look forward to hearing more about the things Lollar told me (through an intermediary) would be happening.

I may revisit making an endorsement at some point in the future and conceivably it could be Lollar again.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. I’m sure the person who wrote the comments in “Adventures in Extreme Parenting” would be surprised to know that Charles Lollar is not only aware of the activities mentioned herein, but the activities and seeming approval of his Campaign Manager. The last episode that I made Mr. Lollar aware of via a text message – he clearly stated to me not to text him with that kind of information any more. In short, he not only does not want to hear it – he adamantly refused my encouragement to join in agreement with Dan Bongino’s public Facebook statement to attend to staff matters who act in this fashion. The time has been long past for the excuse that Charles simply “doesn’t know” what his campaign is doing to other potential donors and volunteers through their actions. With the Church Episode Quinton mentions that took place just yesterday – knowing Charles as I do – if he doesn’t deal with that particular issue in short order, then I personally have no resolve not only to NOT support his campaign,or simply not vote for him but toactually oppose him as a candidate. His campaign manager strives to keep “bad news” from Charles and I’m sure she will keep this hidden as well – yet she does nothing to stop it and as I have read on facebook – as stated earlier – actually supports these activities. Lollar needs a “head hunter” on his campaign team if he doesn’t have the wherewithal to let the people go that need to be let go – vs the innocents who have come and gone from his campaign at the terminating hands of the “mean girls club” in charge of the campaign. The statements Mr. Quinton makes here are outrageous – but true. I’m not sure if I would regret being the pastor of that church or relish in it being given the ability to defend another parishioner and show the offender to the door. While Lollar may not want to hear these events or recieve texts from me regarding his campaign’s activities – let’s continue to hope he receives them from someone and takes quick action. If he doesn’t then he must support these activities, which makes him no Governor material that I’m interested in.

  2. I can’t take this seriously, her comments should not be held against Lollar in my opinion. Are you surprised her twitter dialect is frozen at the middle school level? I would have expected this reaction more from a Mickey Demarco, I still support Lollar over anyone else who has come forward.