Richard Douglas considering bid for Maryland Attorney General


A news release sent out this morning indicates that Richard J. Douglas is “evaluating a 2014 run for Attorney General.”

Douglas had an opinion piece published in National Review Online yesterday discussing Obamacare and the reaction to the problems with Maryland’s exchange by Democrats.

From this morning’s release:

“To the detriment of shell-shocked Maryland consumers, Gansler and Brown have chosen to battle each other instead of confronting the challenges of the health care law’s implementation,” said Douglas.  “Governor O’Malley, for his part, belatedly and quietly acknowledged responsibility for low Maryland enrollment numbers while Marylanders celebrated Thanksgiving.     With our citizens’ health care options in a state of flux, Maryland desperately needs leaders who take their current duties seriously instead of preparing for the next campaign.”

In the National Review article, Douglas notes that Maryland enrollment rates under the Affordable Care Act badly trail other states with Democratic governors including California, Connecticut, Kentucky and Washington.   A unit within the Office of Attorney of General’s Consumer Protection Division takes credit for assisting patients with health care insurance problems and the transition to the ACA but provides no coherent explanation of actual accomplishments.

“Whether one supports the President’s signature legislation or opposes it, Mr. Gansler had a duty to warn Maryland consumers about what to expect with this law,” said Douglas.   “But the Attorney General, Governor O’Malley, and Lieutenant Governor Brown have all let Maryland down.”

In 2012, Douglas carried 11 of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions in the Maryland Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in his first bid for elected office.  He has been an active member of the Maryland bar in good standing since 1991, primarily in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.  He has notable pro bono legal experience and has been a volunteer lay chaplain for Spanish-speaking persons at the District of Columbia Jail.   Douglas speaks Spanish fluently and has lived in Mexico. A Navy veteran, he served in Iraq in 2006 and in the submarine force in the 1970s..

Democrats running for Attorney General include Aisha Braveboy, Jon Cardin, Bill Frick, and Brian Frosh.

In August, Richard Douglas endorsed long shot candidate David Vogt in the Republican Primary for Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District. Dan Bongino (Vogt’s primary opponent) defeated Douglas in the U.S. Senate Primary in 2012.


Jackie Wellfonder has more:

I got to meet Mr. Douglas at a debate while campaigning for Dan Bongino and I was impressed with his candor and his friendly demeanor. Reading this press release, I’m also encouraged by his tenacity and willingness to speak out against an administration that has been more concerned about feathers in their cap then the well being of Marylanders. I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Douglas.


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