Charles Lollar stuffs the virtual ballot box


This morning, the campaign of Charles Lollar sent an email out that, among other things, included an exhortation for his supporters to vote for him in online polls at Red Maryland and the Capital Gazette:


As Red Maryland noted in their November poll results, someone in Salisbury tried voting nearly 200 times for Charles Lollar from the same computer. Of course, this was interesting in its own right since Karen Winterling and other Lollar team members said they weren’t participating in the Red Maryland poll because it didn’t matter and for other bogus reasons. All of that was after they had pushed people to vote in the Red Maryland poll in October as well.

Yesterday, Lollar campaign team member Matthew Adams admitted his role in manipulating the Capital Gazette poll by telling Lollar supporters to disable cookies on their web browser so they could vote as many times as possible to try to move him up in the poll’s rankings.

Here’s what Adams posted:


I understand that Adams was also a leading suspect in the Red Maryland poll manipulation attempt. Adams was also named by Andrew Langer (who provided evidence) as the person behind an anonymous smear site that made up lies about Red Maryland bloggers, Jackie Wellfonder, and me (in my case defamation was included with the lies as well.)

The fact that the security on the Capital Gazette poll is so lacking shows that it is even more worthless than most online polls. It would appear that the paper is just doing it as a stunt to drive traffic with no concern about any integrity of the poll.

Nick Loffer made the following tweets detailing the actions of Lollar’s team online as they relate to the Capital Gazette poll. Loffer previously worked for Americans for Prosperity in Maryland (the same place Charles Lollar apparently left under a cloud after a very short tenure.)





Michael Swartz discusses online polls and candidates pushing supporters to vote in them but neglects to mention the Lollar campaign tactics detailed above.

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  1. So this is what a New Way Forward looks like? Hhmmm….

    I guess all the manipulation attempts aren’t working so well, as Larry Hogan is back in the lead.

    I’m truly flabbergasted that campaign staff would post a public comment encouraging people to manipulate a poll. Although lately, not much surprises me anymore.

    The last thing I’ll add is, #IntegrityMatters.

  2. I pointed out Charles did it, but each of the others is as well – obviously to different degrees. Think of it as practice for GOTV for supporters. You make it sound like I ignored Charles completely.