David Vogt’s classless behavior extends to his family


On Wednesday morning, David Vogt‘s campaign made this post on Facebook:


vogt-headshotBless his heart.

The post is still up as of 12:30 a.m. on Thursday. It has garnered 5 measly likes in over 12 hours and the 11 shares of it are almost all by people mocking it. It received a bunch of comments that almost all universally condemned it. I’m shocked Vogt’s campaign team hasn’t seen fit to delete it yet. Of course, he has said in the past that he makes his own posts on social media,

Jackie Wellfonder had some things to say about it as well:

Not since Vogt’s foolish and again deplorable comments about Dan Bongino‘s service have I been so appalled at his apparent lack of maturity and political prowess. Take a gander at the comments on the post and you’ll see that many folks share my disgust.

Once again, let me share some things with you Mr. Vogt. As I said in my comment on your Facebook page, never in my life have I seen a Marine act and speak with such dishonor.


I can understand why the national attention Dan has received, your 662 Facebook likes compared to his 41, 774, or your 5,555 Twitter followers to his 13,927, would cause the green with envy monster to rear it’s ugly head. Nonetheless, I would’ve expected more from a Marine.

As I said before, I thank you for your service and commend you for it. What I simply cannot tolerate is this type of petty, shallow and completely uncalled for attack on a man’s character. Once again, you disappoint me Mr. Vogt, and once again, I call on you to apologize for your very poor choice of words.

Jackie’s comments about envy very well could be on the mark. After all, Vogt finished last quarter with less cash on hand than birther Brandon Rippeon (who has now withdrawn from the race.)

Jim Jamitis also made a tweet that seems to be referring to Vogt (of course it could also be referring to Charles Lollar):

Later in the day, Vogt’s father-in-law, Frank Stabryla replied to Vogt’s original status (and his reply is still there):

In the past, Stabryla has badmouthed Bongino via Twitter – at one point even helping to spread accusations about Bongino’s Secret Service record. Stabryla abruptly stopped tweeting in late October.

Jackie Wellfonder also tweeted about Stabryla:

Of course the reference made by Stabryla is from the movie A Few Good Men when Colonel Nathan R. Jessup (portrayed by Jack Nicholson) is being arrested after being goaded into admitting his misconduct by Navy Lieutenant (j.g.) Daniel Kaffee (played by Tom Cruise.) He utters these lines when attacking Kaffee (if you look closely you can see Jack Nicholson’s makeup smeared on his collar after he is restrained):

I’m gonna rip the eyes out of your head and piss into your dead skull! You fucked with the wrong Marine!

You can hear the audio from the movie here:

Here’s the video from the movie:

As a veteran myself, I have a lot of respect for other veterans generally including political figures who I have very little political agreement with. I have to wonder though about the political acumen of two of the Marines (David Vogt and Charles Lollar) running for office right now in Maryland. In Vogt’s case, maybe he should have actually gotten active in the party before he was running and then actually run for an office he could have a realistic chance of winning (like a county or municipal office) before biting off a congressional race that he is so clearly outmatched in.

Vogt’s campaign and his associates would do better to emulate the values of actual Marines who served bravely and honorably like Dan Daly, Chesty Puller, Anthony Damato, Dakota Meyer, and others instead of emulating a fictional Marine like Nathan Jessup who is a lying scumbag.

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