on Larry Hogan and Abortion (and a follow-up)


After my post yesterday on Larry Hogan, asked for permission to republish it. The post, on what Hogan reportedly said in 1992 was republished here. (LifeNews wrote the headline on their version of it, not me.)

From the original story and the reprint on what Hogan reportedly said at a debate in 1992.

The Baltimore Sun’s report on October 30 of that year included this sentence (emphasis added):

Mr. Hogan said he supports states’ rights to limit abortions, although he favors keeping abortions legal.

I had a source close to Hogan reach out to me yesterday afternoon and tell me that the 1992 story in The Sun was wrong and wanting to talk to me. I replied early last evening and offered a chance for a written response from Hogan or someone on his team that would run unedited and uncut. I still have yet to hear a response from that request. I did look and couldn’t find a correction from the 1992 story by The Sun and I’m not sure that the Hogan campaign asked for one back then.

I also have heard that Maryland Right to Life endorsed Hogan in his 1992 bid for Congress. These comments were reportedly made on October 29, so I would imagine the endorsement came much earlier than that, assuming it happened. It may have even come in the primary. I emailed an inquiry to Maryland Right to Life asking them to confirm the endorsement and also asking them when it was made that year to see if it was made before or after Hogan made the above comments. I also asked them about my original report yesterday. I have yet to receive a response from them either.

I will report on this story again when I receive either of the responses I’ve asked for.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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