Premature Affirmation


As I’ve said before, I may not endorse a primary candidate for Governor. If I do it will be closer to the primary election itself. However, I do have to comment on other people endorsing someone who isn’t even an announced candidate yet.

Jackie Wellfonder kicked things off by endorsing Larry Hogan back in mid-September:

To run a successful campaign and have a legitimate chance at winning, you need the whole package. Larry Hogan can deliver that. I disagree with my friend and colleague Michael Swartz that it’s a disadvantage that Larry hasn’t entered the race already. The title of Michael’s post in response to my radio show is ‘Can Hogan be a Maryland hero in 2014?‘ When I retweeted the article, I added, “In a word, yes.” It’s that simple my friends, I believe it. After my conversation with Larry, I had a level of enthusiasm that I had not yet been able to achieve regarding the race for Maryland’s next Governor. He gets it, and I also believe he understands exactly what steps he’ll need to take to get the job done.

Red Maryland jumped in and endorsed Hogan this morning:

There is blood in the water. And we could very well elect a Republican Governor next year.
Our nominee for Governor needs to be able to adequately speak to the people of Maryland on those issues. They need to have the experience of government service, along with the experience in business to understand why it is so important that Maryland needs to be able to improve its economic climate in order to attract and retain businesses and create jobs. They need to be able to show a proven ability to attract top talent, assemble a good team, and achieve success, both in business and in politics.
For those reasons, we are endorsing Larry Hogan to be the next Governor of Maryland.
In September, when Jackie Wellfonder made her endorsement, Hogan was even farther away from being a candidate than he is now. At least in the case of Red Maryland’s endorsement, Hogan has said that he’s announcing in January.
I disagree with endorsing any candidate this early, let alone one who isn’t even officially a candidate yet, doesn’t have a campaign committee, a campaign platform (although we can guess what it will center on),  or anything else that goes along with being a candidate.
Granted, I’m still not convinced any candidate can win the general election right now, but my mission statement is not to be a cheerleader for any political party, unlike Wellfonder and Red Maryland and their party activism. I have no stake in that arena and I genuinely have no clue yet who I’m going to vote for in the primary this far out from the actual date. It’s going to take the normal give and take of a primary campaign for me to make that decision. Even then, the likelihood of an endorsement, my previous “endorsement” of Charles Lollar aside, is not extremely high for me.


As an aside, the thin-skinned overreaction to things I’ve written about Larry Hogan recently reminds me a great deal of how the Charles Lollar campaign has reacted to some of the things I’ve written before that they didn’t like.I look forward to hearing more about Hogan’s campaign as he announces in January, especially the Change Maryland report on Martin O’Malley, Anthony Brown, and the apparent shakedown of state contractors for federal contributions that they’ve promised next month.


With all of the above being said, I could still endorse a candidate prior to the primary. I’m just keeping my powder dry for now.
Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Not to mention Hogans only government experience is running an agency that systematically fired state employees just because they were Democrats. It will make for some great campaign ads.