Firefighter sues after being fired over Facebook comments critical of gun control



A former Howard County volunteer firefighter who lost his position after posting Facebook messages critical of gun control legislation is suing.

Mark Grutzmacher filed a federal lawsuit Thursday in Baltimore seeking to be reinstated. He had been a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician for 18 years when he was dismissed in February.

Grutzmacher argues his comments are protected by the First Amendment.

Presumably, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman is ultimately responsible for this decision. Ulman is running for Lt. Governor as the running mate of gubernatorial candidate (and current Lt. Governor) Anthony Brown.

More from the article:

Grutzmacher wasn’t the only one fired for Facebook comments critical of gun control legislation. Former Battalion Chief Kevin Buker criticized liberal politicians’ support of assault weapons legislation. Buker was also fired and is seeking his job back. Grutzmacher posted on Buker’s page.

Here’s what Ulman said in 2011:

“Howard County does not experience the same level of crime as some of its neighbors, but we all know that criminals with guns don’t really care about borders, or pay attention to where one county ends and another begins,” said Howard County Executive Ken Ulman. “The raw crime and gun numbers in my county is low, but they still tell a story of the problem we’re here to address.”

Ulman has also been pushing ineffective gun buybacks in Howard County.

Earlier this year, Ulman supported the unconstitutional Martin O’Malley gun grab at a rally in Annapolis that included O’Malley and Brown:

“The most important thing that any of us can do in public service is to keep our neighbors safe and that’s what this package will do,” Ulman said.


On the licensing of handguns, Ulman said it was “common sense” when licenses are already required to drive and go fishing or crabbing.

“This is a common-sense piece of this package that will make a difference,” he said.

Ken Ulman already supported infringement of Second Amendment rights when he pushed for the O’Malley-Brown gun grab. Now he is being sued for the county government he runs infringing upon the First Amendment rights of employees.

Of course, the running mate of the other Democratic candidate with a chance in the primary may be even worse. Attorney General Gansler has been a supporter of gun control proposals in the past. I previously broke the news that his running mate may be even worse on the issue. Jolene Ivey has supported banning all guns except single shot rifles.

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