Former State Senator Rob Garagiola engaged to lobbyist Hannah Powers


The above scan is from a recent newsletter of Alexander & Cleaver, a lobbying and law firm with multiple offices in Maryland.

Garagiola, who joined the firm on September 13 (12 days after he resigned from the state senate) is managing attorney of the firm’s Rockville  office as well as a government relations consultant. His bio on the firm’s website points out that “Until April 8, 2014, Rob is restricted from lobbying the Maryland General Assembly and will concentrate his work for A&C clients for legal, procurement, county lobbying and other permitted services.”

Powers is a government relations consultant for the firm and lives in Annapolis. Neither Powers nor Garagiola tweeted the happy news. Powers hasn’t tweeted from her Twitter account (@HannahPMiller) since September. Garagiola hasn’t tweeted from @RobGaragiola since early June when he announced he would be resigning from the Senate on September 1. He hasn’t tweeted from his Spanish-language Twitter account (@RGaragiola_es) since June 2012. Ironically enough, his last tweet from that account (as were some others) was in English. He hasn’t tweeted from his @RGaragiola account since February.

Speaking of Twitter, when Garagiola was running (and losing by a “wide margin”) for Congress in the Democratic Primary against John Delaney in MD-06 in 2012, there was a bit of a kerfuffle involving a parody Twitter account @FakeGaragiola, which is no longer extant.

Maryland Juice incorrectly accused Matthew Hurtt of being behind the account with no evidence at all (if somebody is going to set up a fake account they are usually smart enough to not be one of the first followers of that account.)

Germantown Patch reported the following:

The snarky tweets have been circulating since November, when state Sen. Rob Garagiola announced plans to run for U.S. Congress.

But now Garagiola’s campaign team says parody tweeter@FakeGaragiola has gone too far.

The spoofer described Garagiola as a “smarmy,” “philandering lobbyist” with “zero” accomplishments and characterized the lawmaker as a dirty politician, questioning his integrity by making claims about his personal life — infidelity, as of late.

Apparently the Garagiola people thought it was Matthew Hurtt as well, which explains Maryland Juice’s incorrect report:

Garagiola, 39, of Germantown, declined Patch’s request for an interview, but campaign manager Sean Rankin responded on his behalf through email.
“Rob’s children and family are off limits in the campaign,” Rankin wrote. “Rob thinks it’s despicable that someone would hide behind a computer screen and lob false accusations. This is Maryland, not Mississippi.”

Rankin said Garagiola’s campaign team believed someone who worked for Maryland Republican Party Chairman Alex X. Mooneywas behind the spoof. He did not give a specific name and said he “can’t be for sure” whether a Mooney staffer was actually involved.


But Rankin said the parody account’s commentary on Garagiola’s personal life was “out of bounds.”

“When it’s used in a respectful manner, Twitter can be a great tool to engage citizens,” Rankin wrote. “But what matters most are the candidates’ records.”

Joe Steffen, “The Prince of Darkness”, did blog about the @FakeGaragiola issues. However, his blog has been down for a while now (the domain appears to have been purchased and put to use as a SEO farm.)

MD GOP Insider did write about Steffen’s comments on the @FakeGaragiola issues, however. In fact, MD GOP Insider reproduced the whole post:

Here’s an excerpt from Steffen’s original post:

And, truth be told, for a while things seemed to be running quite smoothly for old Rob to knock off his chief Democratic Primary rival John Delaney (who has been endorsed by Bill Clinton, mind you)…until, that is, rumors of marital infidelity hit the Garagiola home – and hit hard. And kept on hitting. And hitting…

Now rumors of infidelity are just that – rumors. No names of the “other” woman, no nada. But here is where it gets interesting. A week or so ago, with no retractions since from the tweets author or denials from the Garagiola camp that I’ve seen, came the following from an interesting Twitter persona known as Fake Rob Garagiola‏@FakeGaragiola:

“…#mdpolitics #md06 I’ve been having sex with lobbyist Hannah Powers Miller My wife Cindy is telling everyone…”

And with THAT line, the lid has been blown off of this idiot, the not fake – but quite possibly wishing that he was – Rob Garagiola.

To begin with, I’m told Garagiola’s no longer living with his wife and kids. I’m also told the reason for this is that wife-Cindy bounced him from their home. With his personal life seemingly in shambles, he at least had his professional life running smoothly to keep him occupied. Right? Uh, not so much as apparently his campaign is in a tail spin which, hopefully and hilariously, will lead it to crashing and burning on the embers of the…uh, “love” he and Hannah Powers-Miller are alleged to have shared.

Steffen went on to point out that Hannah Powers was employed in 2002 as a tracker for the Kathleen Kennedy Townsend campaign and followed Bob Ehrlich around with  a video camera. I mentioned this in my post on trackers but didn’t mention her by name.

Also in 2012, Maryland Reporter included a picture of Garagiola with Hannah Powers-Miller and another lobbyist from Alexander & Cleaver on the day he announced his congressional bid. The story the picture was included with was one reporting on John Delaney’s calls for Garagiola to be investigated for donations from lobbyists, including nine lobbyists at Alexander & Cleaver. Some have alleged that Delaney did this to try to subconsciously make people think about the Garagiola-Powers rumors that were going around, because Delaney himself had a fundraiser hosted by DC lobbying firm Patton Boggs.

Patrick Allen, of West695 PAC, made a post on Facebook earlier this year alluding to the affair rumors about Garagiola and a lobbyist as well as other information on Garagiola:

1. His ties to Greenburg Traurig – where Jack Abramoff was employed as a lobbyist when his world came crashing down and the fact that RG worked there at the same time.

2. Strong evidence that RG had left his wife and kids a week before Christmas, 2011 because of an extramarital affair with a high paid Annapolis lobbyist.

Allen also posted that Garagiola supporters Senator Ron Young and his wife, former Frederick mayoral candidate Karen Young,  “went overboard in trying to spear the messenger and bury the story.” Allen claimed to have a 10-page PDF report on Garagiola’s ethical issues that he would give to anyone who requested.

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