Should Georgetown withdraw from the American Studies Association?


Legal Insurrection has the full details on the ASA’s Israeli related boycott:

As detailed in numerous posts over the past weeks, the American Studies Association has passed an academic boycott of Israeli universities.

Although the resolution does not make this distinction, ASA asserts in its explanation that the boycott applies only to the institutions and “not individual scholars, students, or cultural workers who will be able to participate in the ASA conference or give public lectures at campuses, provided they are not expressly serving as representatives or ambassadors of those institutions, or of the Israeli government.”

The explanation continues that the boycott also applies to “participation in conferences or events officially sponsored by Israeli universities.”

This would mean the boycott applies to programs and projects jointly sponsored by U.S. and Israeli academic institutions, like the Cornell-Technion campus under construction in New York City, the Brandeis-Middlebury Program at Ben Gurion University, dozens of other programs forterms abroad in Israel run by U.S. universities but hosted at Israeli universities, and many otherjoint university programs.

Be sure to read the whole Legal Insurrection post for details on how bad the details of the boycott are.

Here’ what LI reports on some of the reaction against the boycott:

In light of the ASA boycott, which has been rejected by the American Association of University Professors, among others, how can Universities that object to the Israel academic boycott continue to be institutional members of ASA and continue to spend their institutions’ money to support participation in ASA events?  Some of that money is taxpayer provided.

Lawrence Summers, former President of Harvard, has called for such financial support for ASA to be curtailed.  University of Tennessee Law Professor Glenn Reynolds suggests the “response should be withdrawal of funding to attend ASA events. Let legislators and Trustees know.”

Georgetown University is on the list of schools that are a member of the American Studies Association. I was last there as a student 20 years ago during the current semester.

To contact University President John DeGioia and ask that he withdraw funding for any university attendance at ASA events:

Phone: (202) 687-4134

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  1. Georgetown U. should not fund the ASA at this time. I shall be sending a postal letter to Pres. DeGioia with a lengthier commentary.

  2. Given Israel’s record concerning the rights of Christians within their borders I support any boycott of Israel. That’s not an Anti-Semitic statement it’s fact . I also would support any boycott of Vietnam given their record concerning the rights and persecution of Christians – does that make me an Anti-Semite?