David Craig adds pro-life issues to his campaign website


The gubernatorial campaign of David Craig and Jeannie Haddaway has added the following section to the Freedom/Personal Responsibility section on the Issues page on their campaign website:

My record is clear on protecting all forms of innocent human life. I am opposed to abortion except in cases where the life of the mother is at risk, or rape or incest. I support ethical stem cell research  that utilizes tissue taken from the placenta, umbilical cord and by other means that scientific advances yield that do not destroy human embryos.  As Governor, I will support the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund appropriating monies only to ethical stem cell research and utilizing an independent scientific peer review committee to focus on non-embryonic research projects. Regarding abortion, reasonable people can agree that they must be reduced if not eliminated altogether. As Governor, I will require the State Health Department to maintain records that protect individuals’ privacy, while informing the public and government officials on how many abortions are taking place to identify demographic patterns and focus resources on avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

The content below was in my previous post on the Maryland GOP Candidates for Governor and Pro-Life issues.

At a Wicomico County Republican Club meeting in July, Michael Swartz wrote the following:

When queried about social issues, particularly being pro-life, Craig related that he didn’t push the issue with his children, but was pleased that they turned out as pro-life as they did. David also pointed out that he voted in a pro-life fashion during his time in the General Assembly. But he would rather have 5 million Marylanders decide than 188 in the General Assembly. Jeannie echoed the overall stance, adding for her part she was “conservative, Christian, pro-life.”

In June of this year, Greg Kline wrote the following about Craig’s campaign:

The good news for Mr. Craig, though, is that unlike Bob Ehrlich or other prior statewide MDGOP candidates, he has a solid conservative record.  He has balanced budgets, cut taxes, won elections against the odds, supported the second amendment and has firmly established pro-life and pro-traditional marriage credentials.

In 2011, Bel Air Patch reported on a Craig event for bloggers and noted that:

Pressed on social issues, Craig said he does not support abortion or gay marriage in any circumstance.

Greg Kline also wrote about the 2011 event:

Mr. Craig is fiscally conservative, pro-business and is unapologetic in standing up for life and traditional marriage.

In 2010, Craig responded to Harford County Right to Life’s candidate survey. In his answers he said that he opposes abortion with exceptions for cases where the life of the mother is threatened. Craig also said that he supports stem cell research, but not research in which human embryos are involved and/or destroyed (in other words he opposes embryonic stem cell research.)  He also said that he opposed government funding of embryonic stem cell research. Regarding assisted suicide and euthanasia,  Craig wrote that the  family should retain the right to enact a Do Not Resuscitate order if their relative is incompetent to make medical decisions. He said that he opposed government funding of abortions whether it was through subsidized health insurance, medicaid, or grants to organizations that perform or refer women to abortions. Craig also supported enforcing Maryland’s fetal homicide law while also supporting strengthening that law to make it apply to all unborn children regardless of fetal age.

Craig did not respond to a question on the survey asking if he supported legislation that would require an abortion provider to offer the option to a woman seeking an abortion to see a sonogram of her unborn child.

Craig’s running mate, Del. Jeannie Haddaway, has a legislative record to look at on these issues. She received a 100% rating from Maryland Right to Life in the years 2008-2011. She received a 0% from NARAL Pro Choice Maryland in 2010. Maryland Right to Life endorsed her in the 2010 election.

In 2012, she voted for the Schulz Amendment to Limit Abortion Funding. This vote and a similar vote in the Senate were the only relevant floor votes in 2012. According to Maryland Right to Life, both of these votes “reflect a fundamental issue: denying taxpayer funds for elective abortions.”

More from MD RTL:

In the budget, such funding is allowed. Statistics compiled by the State over the past decade indicate that for these Medicaid-funded abortions, the only type of abortions where any data is compiled, about 99.8% were justified by the vague “mental health” reason.

Since mental health can be defined in this context as “depriving a woman of her preferred lifestyle” or requiring her to “endure the discomforts of pregnancy,” it is very clear this means abortion on demand.

In 2011, Haddaway voted for the Vitale Amendment to Limit Abortion Funding, which was similar to the 2012 vote. In 2010, she voted for an amendment that would have eliminated taxpayer funding for most abortions and for another amendment that would have directed most taxpayer funds toward ethical stem cell research. In 2009, she voted for an amendment that would have prioritized spending toward ethical stem cell research. In 2008, Haddaway voted for amendments that would have stopped taxpayer funding of elective abortions and defunded the Maryland Stem Cell Commission. There were no relevant House floor votes in 2007. She was sponsor of the Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2006. She also authored an amendment to HB 1, the Maryland Stem Cell Research Act of 2006 and voted for final passage of HB 1. Jeannie Haddaway was also a co-sponsor of HB 958, a parental notification bill.

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