Gay rights group endorses Anthony Brown despite consultant’s homophobic track record



Equality Maryland, the state’s leading gay-rights organization, endorsed Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown (D) for governor on Monday, saying he and his running mate would be the most effective advocates for the group’s interests.


Carrie Evans, the executive director of Equality Maryland, said the group made its endorsement after soliciting questionnaires and meeting with the leading candidates.

“After meeting with the three declared Democratic candidates, we believe that Anthony Brown and Ken Ulman will be the most effective Governor and Lieutenant Governor for Equality Maryland’s issues and for the citizens of Maryland,” Evans said in a statement.

While it appears obvious that Equality Maryland is just jumping on the bandwagon of the Democratic Party front-runner, it is also equally obvious they are choosing to ignore the campaign tactics of Brown-Ulman campaign consultant Jim Messina.

Messina created an ad that has been called “anti-gay” and homophobic.

More details from Buzzfeed:

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina was behind an infamous 2002 anti-gay ad that aired in Montana, according to a profile by Joshua Green in Businessweek.

The ad was run against Mike Taylor, a Republican challenger to Senator Max Baucus of Montana.


Messina, according to Baucus, was responsible for the controversial message.

“Jim is tough,” Baucus says. “I’ll never forget when he showed me that ad. We were in Bozeman in a motel. The curtains were drawn. He said, ‘Max, what do you think?’ They were afraid I wasn’t going to like it. I loved it!”

Liberal writer David Sirota wrote that ”the ad is considered the epitome of homophobic demagoguery” and asked the following question (emphasis added):

In their quest to promote themselves as political tough guys, did Sen. Max Baucus and President Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina just admit to both crafting one of the most homophobic ads in American history and possibly committing a crime?

Of course, the Maryland media has been silent on the Messina story. Messina’s exploits did make the British media and caused blowback for a client of his across the pond.

In light of the O’Malley-Brown machine’s hardball tactics against Doug Gansler, it seems like Gansler (if not Heather Mizeur) might raise this topic.

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