Sen. Richard Colburn’s wife files for divorce, alleges affair with former aide


I had heard several weeks ago that Senator Richard Colburn’s wife had left him and the rumors were that he was having an affair with an aide to Delegate Cathy Vitale. I’ve also heard one or two Republicans are considering a primary bid against Colburn in this year’s election.

Delmarva Now has the story:

State Sen. Richard Colburn’s wife is seeking divorce from the 64-year-old legislator, accusing him in court papers of having an affair with a 26-year-old former aide.

Alma Fitzgerald Colburn filed for divorce last Friday after 14 years of marriage. Her court filing alleges Richard Colburn committed adultery with Cassia Bethany Martens, who worked for him in 2010 and 2011. Court papers do not say when the alleged affair began or if it has ended.

Reached by telephone Thursday, both Alma Colburn and Richard Colburn did not wish to comment or answer questions about the case

Colburn’s attorney, Lynn Knight made an unusual request:

Knight has requested that Dorchester County Circuit Court limit who can see the divorce file, saying it could harm Colburn’s political career.

“The records contained personal information of the defendant that could be detrimental to his career, affect his financial stability and that of the plaintiff during the pendency of the divorce proceedings,” Knight wrote. “No prejudice exists to the plaintiff to limit or restrict the inspection of these records. Severe prejudice exists to the defendant, including the potential for blackmail or other coercion due to his political position.”

The paper wasn’t able to track down Martens for comment. She currently works as a legislative aide for Del. Vitale.

Previously, Colburn had over $40,000 in reimbursements called into question.

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  1. Prior to Congress Gilchrest’s last successful campaign Del. Coburn approached several individuals (specifically Veterans) on the Shore and asked if they would support his running against Gilchrest in the primary if he exposed Gilchrest’s ,what was becoming more and more “embellished”, service record as a Marine in Vietnam. Del. Coburn had felt that Gilchrest’s combat record minimized his own Stateside service in the Air Force but many of us pointed out there were probably several thousand voters who themselves or a family member’s service in the Vietnam Era was noting spectacular but they were still proud to have done their time. I was also becoming more skeptical and uncomfortable with Gilchrest’s recollections but didn’t think it should be used as a campaign issue by one Republican against another and apparently the RNP agreed. The was no primary, Gilchrest ran defacto unopposed and won keeping the seat Republican. Kratovil never felt he had to publicly raise the issue since it was circulating so well on it’s own and I always thought considering using the tactic greatly lessened my respect for a candidate who needs a negative to win. As it turned out Gilchrest was later handed up to the Democrats and removed from the public eye without a nationwide Swiftboating. The seat is firmly back in Republican hands, and Mr. Coburn has produced a unsavory negative on his own without any digging by the opposition and a fresh face might be heading to Annapolis.
    I guess the moral is just as Gilchrest felt no one would ever question what he said, Coburn felt no one would ever notice what he did.