An unforced error by David Craig’s campaign manager


Previously, I wrote about a post made on David Craig’s Facebook page made over the weekend.


Then later that night, this comment showed up on the above status:


Some people might say that commenting about a typo is probably a bad move. I probably would’ve deleted the status and replaced it with a corrected one had it been me. Unlike personal user profiles, it’s not possible to change a status message on a Facebook page unless it’s one with a photo posted. Another option would have been to leave it as-is. My reason for just deleting and replacing: there were no comments made on the status until the Ellington one apologizing for the typo. So, Ellington drew attention to the error where no one had previously commented about it.

After that, gadfly Jason Boisvert, a Lollar supporter, chimed in:


There was no evidence of any “attack” as far as anyone else reading this post on Craig’s Facebook page was concerned. And actually, if you read my original post there was no attack. I posted it without comment. This is just a sign of Jason Boisvert‘s obsession with anyone online who disagrees with him.

This was no big deal in the beginning. It still really isn’t, but it’s a slightly bigger one now. You can look at the sheer volume of blog posts on this site to see that just making a short blog post on its own is not an “attack.” Of course, Paul Ellington and Jason Boisvert both have paper-thin skin, as shown by Ellington’s behavior before after I wrote something he didn’t like.

Maybe the Craig campaign should have someone other than the campaign manager handling their social media accounts. It seems like a waste of his valuable time, especially in light of the fact that I’ve been told he doesn’t “get” blogs or social media before.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Where did I mention you? I simply expressed my thoughts that criticism of minor typos is silly.

    You didn’t post an attack or criticism, by your own claim, and my post was stated as a hypothetical. (“Any attack” as opposed to “The attack”)

    Maybe I’m not the one with thin skin?

    As for the “obsession” here, doesn’t Ellington disagree with me about the best option for governor? Doesn’t fit with your story, does it?

    I know you need to build a negative narrative about everyone who ever challenges you, questions you or confronts you or your friends, but maybe #victoryatnitpick isn’t the best way to go about it?