Del. Don Dwyer removed from Ways & Means Committee


The AP reports that Speaker Mike Busch has removed Delegate Don Dwyer from the House Ways & Means Committee.

Delegate Don Dwyer was officially removed from the Ways and Means Committee by House Speaker Michael Busch, who said it was his job to protect the integrity of the House of Delegates.

“Delegate Dwyer’s actions have reflected poorly on the House and, as speaker, I feel it is important that there are consequences to those actions,” Busch, D-Anne Arundel, said in a statement. “I hope that Delegate Dwyer is finding help but we cannot allow the general public to lose confidence in the effectiveness of their leaders.”

Dwyer’s response:

I want to reassure my constituents that I will continue to review every piece of legislation and remain fully informed on all issues,” Dwyer said. “As a result I will be fully prepared to vote for or against legislation that comes before me on the House Floor.”

Dwyer can continue to vote and speak on the House floor. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail for drunkenly operating a boat in a river crash that injured seven people and for driving a car while impaired about a year later.

The judge gave him the option to serve the sentence on weekends, but Dwyer cannot attend legislative receptions where alcohol is served during the session, which began Wednesday.

Dwyer apparently is still running for re-election this year as well.

Bryan Sears has more information including:

This is the second time Dwyer was removed from a committee assignment. In 2012 he was removed from his assignment on the House Judiciary Committee following a alcohol-related boating accident.

There is also an effort within the House of Delegates to expel Dwyer as well as an online petition drive calling for his ouster.

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