Larry Hogan’s campaign chairman served in the Parris Glendening administration


As I wrote earlier, it has been reported that Larry Hogan is announcing his gubernatorial bid officially on January 21. The WaPo story indicated that Hogan had filed a statement of organization this past week. I pulled the filing and included it in my previous post. That filing indicates that the campaign chairman is James Brady of Ijamsville.

James Brady served as co-chairman of Glendening’s transition team and was appointed Secretary of the Department of Business and Economic Development in the Glendening administration. In April 1998, Brady resigned from that position in an election year. He later rejected an offer from Republican nominee Ellen Sauerbrey to be her running mate that year and even toyed with running as an independent for Governor against Glendening and Sauerbrey. A Baltimore Sun article on that potential bid noted that he was registered as a Democrat and would have to re-register as unafilliated to run as an independent. He later hosted a fundraiser for Sauerbrey and may have endorsed her. Governor-elect Bob Ehrlich appointed Brady to head up his transition team after the 2002 election.

Brady was a managing partner at the Baltimore office of Arthur Andersen. He also has been the managing director for the Mid-Atlantic for Ballantrae International, Ltd. Brady served for several years on the Board of Directors for the Baltimore Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

Brady has given a decent amount of money to both state and federal candidates in recent years. It was all to Republicans, except for a donation to Michael Sarbanes in 2007 when Sarbanes was running for Baltimore City Council President.

I previously noted that former Governor Marvin Mandel (a Democrat) attended a Change Maryland event at Larry Hogan’s home last summer.

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