Short list of Larry Hogan’s potential running mates


There has been a lot of speculation in recent months about who Larry Hogan might choose as his candidate for Lt. Governor. I’m going to take a look at some people who are not going to be his running mate as well as what I’ve been told is his short list (2 names) of potential running mates. If you really just want to know who the short list reportedly consists of you can scroll down past the next few paragraphs.

The first rumor that was going around back before Thanksgiving and into December was that David Craig might be bowing out of the race for governor to be Hogan’s running mate. In that scenario, Craig running mate Jeannie Haddaway was expected to challenge Richard Colburn in a primary for his senate seat. This rumor was accepted by many as potentially happening. I didn’t expect this to happen and sources close to the Craig campaign shot it down pretty fiercely at the time. Craig’s campaign seemed to have a new level of energy following the Red Maryland endorsement of Hogan. David Craig recently filed officially for Governor and ended the Hogan-Craig fantasy for those who might still be harboring it. I’ve heard informed speculation since then that Hogan could pick someone else to be his running mate from Harford County but I haven’t heard a name.

I also heard speculation that Brian Murphy might be Hogan’s running mate but was unable to find any substantiation to that. Murphy did say he is interested in getting back into politics recently.

The most recent rumors centered around another candidate for governor who would presumably be dropping out to be Hogan’s running mate. Charles Lollar won’t be Hogan’s running mate either. Those rumors all appear to have been started by Lollar’s campaign. With his campaign doing so poorly financially, was this wishful thinking for Lollar to grab on to a life preserver as his campaign sank?

Now let’s move on to the latest information I’ve found on Hogan’s short list for his running mate. Hogan is set to officially announce his campaign Tuesday, regardless of what happens with the looming snow storm. He is expected sometime between tomorrow and the late February filing deadline announce who is running at the bottom of his ticket as a candidate for lieutenant governor.

From what I hear the identity of Hogan’s running mate is a tightly held secret with only a handful of people knowing it including the choice and the choice’s spouse. Many have said Hogan should pick an African American running mate while others have said he should pick a female running mate. The two names I’ve heard are on the short list would both fulfill the former while one of them would fulfill the latter.

Without further ado…


Janice Fountaine is the first candidate I’ve heard is on the short list to be Larry Hogan’s running mate.

Her bio:

Prophetess Janice Fountaine is a native of Washington, DC and the wife of Elder Darnell Fountaine. She received her calling to preach and to the office of the prophet in 1994, by the Spirit of God. She is an ordained Apostle and Pastor. After having Pastored for 10 years, Apostle Fountaine is now the Presiding Apostolic Prelate of the Five-fold Church Fellowship, Which includes Janice Fountaine Ministries, International Company of Prophets, etc. She is also the Presiding Pastor of Kingdom Empowerment Prophetic Worship Center, as well as the founder of Janice Fountaine Ministries, Inc., and Unveiling Truth. In April 2013, Apostle Fountaine will host “Focusing on America” Live Radio Talk Show.
Apostle Fountaine has attended Howard University, Word of Faith Christian College and The Glory School of Ministry. She received a certificate from Zimbabwe University. She has travelled to Guyana, South America, Jamaica, West Indies, and Zimbabwe South Africa, where she participated in a three year Pastoral Excellence Program, facilitated by the Lott Carey Foreign Missions program.
Apostle Fountaine is the author of Why should I Wait, When God Said Go? Who’s Going To Get Gomer? (book and play) and Realms and Dimensions of the Supernatural. In April 2011, she will release, The Apostolic Burden. She is also the author of numerous Poetic Christian Journals, handbooks and other writings.
She moves by the Spirit of God, and functions under the mantles of the Apostle and the Prophet. Her prophetic mandate is to “Gather the Prophets, train, equip, empower and activate those called to the realm of the prophetic and to go forth and speak what “Thus saith the Lord.”
In doing so, Apostle Fountaine will help position the Body of Christ, for a great shifting, by God and a great outpouring of His Spirit, so that they may walk in their predestined Kingdom authority and fulfill His purpose in them.
Prophetess Fountaine has a passion for worship. She prays daily, “Lord show me your glory” and she declares the words of Charles Wesley, “A charge to keep I have and a God to glorify.”

From the looks of things, Fountaine would help shore up Hogan’s credentials on pro-life issues and she is a dynamic speaker. You can see her speak for yourself on YouTube.

There’s a chance that some of Fountaine’s past statements could be a liability however and a question if similar ones could occur in the future if she were under the campaign spotlight. It was previously mentioned on one of the Maryland Republican Party’s monthly new media conference calls that Fountaine is a potential candidate for the House of Delegates.

Liberal blogger JoeMyGod wrote in 2012 about the New Independent Christian Party.

From a October 2012 New Independent Christian Party press release:

 There does not exist a reliable political party that purely represents the overall Christian agenda in America. We can neither ignore the overwhelming contrast to our Godly principles of the marriage equality and abortion rights agendas, which the Democrats strongly support, nor can we be oblivious to the arrogant, greedy, unsympathetic Pharisaic practices of the Republicans.


The November election is poised to leave the Christian base with an extremely bitter taste of misrepresentation and miscalculation of our position and priorities concerning many of the issues in the forefront of American lives today.


The misrepresentation of the biblical teachings and principles to which we profess as Christians, prevent us from continuing to support either the Democratic or the Republican Party candidates.
As the Party of No Compromise, the New Independent Christian Party intends to influence the outcome of American elections and uphold the Godly principles by which America was built and by which Christians believe, live and exist.


The Chair, Bishop Janice Fountaine and Co-chair, Dr. Ralph Martino vow to build a strong political party that will illuminate the Christian voice and bring clarity to the Christian agenda to influence America, impact the world and increase the kingdom.

Another liberal blogger specifically wrote about Fountaine in the context of the party:

I took a moment to look into the party founders and discovered this, written by  Bishop Janice Fountaine:

The practice of homosexuality and self-pleasure, are age old systems, being recharged and reorganized for end-time warfare. It is being orchestrated from the diabolical realms of the supernatural and manifested on earth, with the overall intention, to silence the church forever. These actions, by satan, is an all out declaration of victory, as the church finds itself caught off guard and intertwined in his evil end-time warafre, strategies and systems.

Fountaine and her husband have been defendants in several civil actions, most of them initiated by Maryland Central Collections. These were all lien/judgement situations. In addition to a few other civil suits (including foreclosures), Fountaine was charged with driving without a seatbelt and had her license suspended for a few months before pleading guilty and getting her license back shortly thereafter.

Federal Election Commission records show no campaign contributions by Fountaine. In late 2013, Fountaine gave $75 to the Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee.

All of these things have to be weighed together when considering Janice Fountaine as a running mate. The conclusion I’ve come to is that Hogan’s first choice will not be Fountaine, but she could still end up being his running mate if the other candidate on the short list doesn’t work out.


The other candidate I have heard on Larry Hogan’s short list is Boyd Rutherford. I would expect him to be Hogan’s first choice for his running mate of the names I’ve heard. He has an impressive resume.

Rutherford is currently 56 years old and was born in Washington, D.C. He graduated from Howard University with a B.A. and earned a M.A. and J.D. from the University of Southern California. He was Associate Administrator of the General Services Administration in the Bush administration from 2001 until he left to become Maryland’s Secretary of General Services in the administration of Bob Ehrlich in January 2003. He served there until June 2006 when he became Assistant Secretary for Administration in the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

At the end of the Bush administration, Rutherford became Chief Administrative Officer at the Republican National Committee under the leadership of former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele. He served there until shortly after Steele lost his re-election bid. He is of counsel with Benton Potter & Murdock. Rutherford serves on the Board of Directors of the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber and is a principal in Deep Water Point. He is also a strategic advisor for Totally Green and a managing member of Eastwind Strategies, LLC.

Rutherford has served on the Howard County Republican Central Committee in the past and was a delegate to the 2000 Republican National Convention. He has also been active in the NAACP and several other community organizations and boards.

Rutherford has only been a defendant in two state cases which were in his official capacity as the Secretary of General Services. Additionally, he has been attorney of record in two cases in Maryland that show up on case search.

Federal Election Commission records show that Rutherford has only given money to the federal account of the Maryland Republican State Central Committee and to the Romney-Ryan campaign. State records show that Rutherford has given money to the State Republican Central Committee, the Howard County Republican Central Committee, Bob Ehrlich, Gail Bates, Trent Kittleman, and Dennis Schrader.


Hogan’s campaign could change their mind and pick someone I haven’t mentioned as a remote possibility, let alone the two names above on the short list. Of the two names on the short list, my prediction would be that Boyd Rutherford ends up as Hogan’s running mate.

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  1. Sorry, not voting for someone who refers to themselves as “Prophetess” or “Apostle”. No way in hell. Larry Hogan would do well to steer clear from the overly-religious overtones.