Dan Bongino’s new GOP primary opponent gave money to Democrats


Just last week, David Vogt dropped out of the Republican Primary in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. State Board of Elections information shows that, on Friday January 31, a new candidate got into the Republican Primary officially:

Painter, Harold W. Jr.
RepublicanJurisdiction Montgomery
Status Active –
Filed Regular – 01/31/14Email Painterforcongress@yahoo.com
Contact Information
PO Box 768
Gaithersburg, MD 20884
(301) 926-6457

I’ve talked to more than one person active in the Montgomery County GOP and nobody has heard of him.

If you look at the Federal Election Commission database,  Harold W. Painter Jr. of Gaithersburg gave $1000 to the federal campaign of Chuck Robb. Robb was the only Democratic senator to lose (to George Allen) in the 2000 general election.  Additionally, according to Maryland State Board of Elections records for 2010, Painter gave $250 to Edith Patterson, a Democrat who served on the Charles County Board of Commissioners and was later appointed to the Maryland Higher Education Commission by Governor Martin O’Malley. In 2010, She was appointed to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Funding by O’Malley also.

Painter appears to be a native of Allegany County and is a certified public accountant. In fact, he’s a CPA who had a tax lien judgement against him in July 2012 from the State of Maryland that was later satisfied (in November 2012.)

Painter sent a FEC Form 2 (Statement of Candidacy) in by first class mail. It was postmarked December 24 and clocked in at the FEC on December 31. I’ve included it at the bottom of this post. I’ve also heard that Painter had his most recent FEC report filing rejected for not including an email address.

Here we have a candidate unknown to local Republicans who files paperwork so he can raise money with the FEC at the end of the year. He then waits and files with the state to officially run after David Vogt drops out. The only evidence of his past political activity is his record of contributions to Demcrats. Am I the only one who finds this fishy?

Is Painter a plant by Democrats and John Delaney or by someone in the GOP who is scared of Bongino?

Harold Painter FEC Form 2



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  1. I don’t really think that Congressman Delaney will have a problem winning re-election in 2014, no matter who becomes the Republican nominee. I am, indeed, a Democrat, so I’m biased, but no one in Maryland Democratic Party politics is overly concerned about Delaney’s race. Of course, he’ll be backed with the funding he needs, and the formidable support of, primarily, the Montgomery Co. Dem. Party’s volunteer activists. (The other counties in the district also have a very strong and large Democratic volunteer base, who will NOT, under any circumstances, return that district to an extreme right wing M. C. So let’s see who the Republican sacrificial lamb will be.

    I haven’t seen any polls covering the 6th CD, but have been told that Delaney is considered very safe in the poll(s) that have been taken.

    Cheers, Jeff