Maryland Legislative District 4 races heating up


Failed Congressional candidate David Vogt, who only ended up with $767 on-hand before he dropped out of the Republican Primary for Congress, has been talking of running for another office. Vogt, who is still a newcomer to the area, had been mentioned as a potential candidate for Frederick County Council. This made a lot of sense considering how badly he imploded in his congressional bid, which was his only foray into politics before now. There was also a suggestion he might join the campaign of fellow Marine (and another failure of a political candidate) Charles Lollar, as a running mate. However, Vogt intends to run for the House of Delegates in District 4. His lack of party credentials prior to his most recent failure of a campaign coupled with his giant ego will make this a tall order. I’m thankful he’s running. It will give me lots of new material to write about as campaign gaffes start to regularly occur. Vogt isn’t the most recent newcomer to the area getting into the race however.


As I mentioned before, apparent carpetbagger Ken Timmerman is moving to the district to run as well. Timmerman is apparently having trouble selling his house, so he is leasing a condo in the district now. While he is even more of a newcomer to the district than Vogt, he at least has legitimate conservative credentials going back for a while now. Timmerman was encouraged to run for the state senate in District 3 against incumbent Ron Young. Timmerman and Vogt are just the latest candidates to consider getting into the fray. The only two currently filed Republican candidates are Delegate Kelly Schulz and Wendi Peters, and they have to be considered the front runners, along with Delegates Michael Hough and Kathy Afzali. However, that field is not stable yet.


Delegate Michael Hough has been campaigning and fundraising as if he is running for re-election to the House of Delegates. However, he actually plans to file and run against incumbent Senator David Brinkley in the Senate race instead. I understand that when this happens there will be public calls for him to return donations that he raised while indicating he was running for re-election to the house.

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  1. Glad to hear Kelly Schulz and Wendi Peters described as front-runners since they’re both fine candidates. As for the idea of Mike Hough challenging David Brinkley in the primary, it seems to me like taking two of your best cars and crashing them into each other.

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