Confirmed: David Vogt running for House of Delegates


I first reported last week that David Vogt, who dropped out a congressional race, is getting into the already-crowded GOP primary for the House of Delegates in District 4. Today, Vogt confirmed it.

Here’s an excerpt from a Vogt email:

Thank you for your continued and overwhelming support during these last few weeks as we transitioned out of the race for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.  I am confident in our decision to withdraw from that race, but I cannot sit on the sideline and wait for change.  Real change in the state of Maryland will require principled, conservative individuals willing to stand up and lead.

This morning, I am announcing that I will be continuing my fight for liberty and economic recovery in Maryland by running for the House of Delegates in District 4. 

Maryland is a state with an abundance of opportunity, especially right here in Frederick and Carroll Counties, but that opportunity is constantly under attack from our elected officials in Annapolis.  Silly and ill-conceived big government policies such as the rain tax, the proposed chicken tax, and the recent assault on the Second Amendment paint the picture of a government out of control, more concerned with power than the prosperity and freedom of its citizens.

Vogt also posted this letter on his website. He’s soliciting funds on the site and using this authority line:

Paid for by Friends & Neighbors For Vogt

Authority Thom Peschke, Treasurer

If you click through to the donation page it’s the same page from his congressional website but it also has the above authority line. You can click through to the menu items on the donation page and get to old pages from his congressional campaign.

Vogt’s federal committee had a different name, but the above authority line has yet to show up in the State Board of Elections database online. I’m sure it will shortly and that the lag time is on the SBOE’s end.

I’ve heard from even more sources now that he was encouraged to run for county council by his friends and supporters as well as others involved in the Republican party, but he refused.

Here’s what I wrote about David Vogt last week:

Failed Congressional candidate David Vogt, who only ended up with $767 on-hand before he dropped out of the Republican Primary for Congress, has been talking of running for another office. Vogt, who is still a newcomer to the area, had been mentioned as a potential candidate for Frederick County Council. This made a lot of sense considering how badly he imploded in his congressional bid, which was his only foray into politics before now. There was also a suggestion he might join the campaign of fellow Marine (and another failure of a political candidate) Charles Lollar, as a running mate. However, Vogt intends to run for the House of Delegates in District 4. His lack of party credentials prior to his most recent failure of a campaign coupled with his giant ego will make this a tall order. I’m thankful he’s running. It will give me lots of new material to write about as campaign gaffes start to regularly occur. Vogt isn’t the most recent newcomer to the area getting into the race however.

With Vogt getting into the race, it guarantees he will be battling it out with Ken Timmerman to see who finishes last.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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