MIA: Running Mates for Charles Lollar and Ron George


February 25th is the deadline for candidates to file for office. It’s also the deadline for candidates for Governor to name their running mates. The whole Democratic field has named candidates for Lt. Governor. Not all of the Republican candidates can say the same.

While David Craig picked Jeannie Haddaway early on and Larry Hogan recently picked Boyd Rutherford (as reported first by me over a week ahead of time), neither Ron George nor Charles Lollar have picked a running mate yet.

Lollar was reportedly turned down by Brandon Rippeon, an apparent birther who had previously been running for Congress. There were also rumors that Ken Timmerman might be Lollar’s running mate (and Timmerman did send an email this week encouraging people to vote for Lollar in the Red Maryland Straw Poll), but Timmerman is moving to Frederick County and running for delegate in the crowded field for District 4. Another rumored running mate for Lollar was former congressional candidate David Vogt (who like Lollar is also a Marine.) Vogt will be old enough to be Lieutenant Governor later this year from what I hear. However, Vogt is also entering that crowded primary for District 4. Some of Lollar’s supporters and/or staffers floated a rumor that he was on Larry Hogan’s short list, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Ron George’s process has been apparently pretty close to the vest. There have been no reports or rumors floated or anything else like the Lollar process.

If George and Lollar can’t find a running mate soon, they may have to do something drastic. Maybe they can post an ad on Craigslist looking for a running mate or put a notice in the Maryland GOP’s weekly email newsletter that they’re looking. There is one other option for the two of them as well.

If they haven’t already, maybe Lollar and George should get together and join forces on a ticket. I would think this could work well, especially with George on the top of the ticket. However, I doubt Lollar’s pride or ego would let him slide to the bottom of a ticket. If this was something even remotely in the realm of possibilities it wouldn’t happen due to haggling over position on the ticket.

We will find out sometime before February 25 obviously.

Just one other side note so I don’t leave anyone out: Shorty Davis is BrianVaeth’s running mate and I don’t think Jay Bala, who hasn’t filed yet, has announced a running mate.

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