Richard Colburn Divorce & Campaign Updates


In late December, the rumors made the newspapers after Richard Colburn’s wife filed for divorce and alleged her husband committed adultery with a former aide. That aide, Cassia Bethany Mertens, worked for Del. Cathy Vitale at the time of the allegations. She was reportedly fired by Vitale after the divorce filing.

After the divorce filing, Richard Colburn’s lawyer (Lynn Knight) filed a motion to seal the records because they could harm his political career. That motion was successful and the records were recently sealed (which includes removing information from Maryland Judiciary Case Search.) However, I got a look at the records on case search before they were sealed. There was a motions hearing on February 7.

The documents filed by Alma Colburn’s attorney (Kim DiGiovanni Aluisi) included a notice that the alleged mistress (Mertens) had been served with a subpoena for a depositions. Also, Alma Colburn’s lawyer filed a motion for order of default against Richard Colburn for not answering the original claim within thirty days.

An article by Jennifer Shutt in the Daily Times quotes legal experts as discussing how strange it is that the whole divorce files were sealed. Shutt also quotes blogger Jackie Wellfonder:

“There is some concern about the ability as Republicans to keep the seat, and quite frankly I think it’s a valid concern,” Wellfonder said.


“How do we know if there is any part of that situation that affected his position as an elected official or if at any time that was compromised?” she said. “I just don’t think a politician should get a free pass.”


“I don’t see how one can uphold the principle of transparency and still ask these records be locked down,” she said. “To me, it doesn’t pass the smell test.”

There had already been some ethical questions about Colburn raised.

I had heard before that Alma Colburn might be running against her husband, but she shot those rumors down at the time. I am hearing again now that she is considering a bid against her husband. Another name that has been mentioned as a potential Republican candidate for the seat is Brian Murphy.

Cheryl Everman had previously filed to run as a Democrat. However, as reported by me, she may have dropped out of the race and former delegate and former Baltimore County councilman Joe Bartenfelder is said to be running for the seat now as a Democrat.


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