Confirmed: Chris Cavey backs out of State Senate race


I noted first Friday that Chris Cavey was dropping out of the race for Senate District 42. I also noted that Tim Robinson was being recruited to run as the Republican candidate in Cavey’s place. I asked Cavey for comment via email Thursday and he couldn’t be bothered to respond, but he talked to Bryan Sears of The Daily Record over the weekend. (Thanks to Sears for crediting my Friday piece.)

Cavey says he likes being a “hired gun” and has dropped out after taking a job as Larry Hogan’s campaign director. Cavey says his anemic fundraising had nothing to do with his dropping out and also told Sears that:

“I don’t know that I’ve jeopardized the ability to win the seat,” Cavey said. “It’s going to be about raising money, working hard and being on the Republican side of the ballot. There’s more people out there who fit these qualifications than just me. I don’t think [withdrawing] makes it impossible. I think the odds stay the same.”

However, one veteran GOP activist disagreed with Cavey’s assessment of the situation. Regarding Cavey dropping out about a week before filing closes, this activist said:

He’s been running for a year and pulling this shit helps nobody.

As I noted in my original piece, there appears to be a fear by some (possibly Cavey) that Brochin would be unbeatable in the general election, even with the redrawn district.

Cavey also posted a statement on Facebook after the Sears story appeared:

My new political path

Yogi Berra is always quoted as saying, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” For several weeks, this was my personal dilemma. Do I continue a dream path to a very winnable State Senate seat or play a big role in helping a friend become Governor of Maryland? I have chosen the latter.

When I shared, my difficulty in choosing a political path with a few close friends they too were perplexed but each of them logically came to the same conclusion – Chris loves the mechanics of politics and they have each seen my face light up when I have embarked on a campaign/political organizational project in the past. Therefore, with friends and family supporting the decision, I accepted the job of Campaign Director for my good friend, Larry Hogan.

For over twenty years, I have worked in the political trenches doing everything from being a candidate to Committee Chairman; from serving on RNC’s 2012 Platform Committee to proudly working for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr’s. re-election team. Each taught me valuable lessons that could only have been learned by the hands-on experiences of the many political opportunities I have been afforded. One important political lesson I learned is – You cannot change Maryland, unless you change both the Governor – and the mindset of politics as usual in Annapolis.

I am bias, Larry is my friend, but he is also a small business owner/employer/entrepreneur who understands Maryland government is on the wrong track. He is a down to earth, family oriented guy who truly wants the best for Maryland’s future and economy. It was easy for me to morph to a similar themed campaign for a good friend except this time working behind the scenes and not as the candidate.

The citizens of District 42 will have an excellent replacement stepping in behind me, Tim Robinson. We will soon “swap places” at the State Board of Elections as we visit together this week – him to file for candidacy and me to withdraw. You see, I know Sen. Jim Brochin will be defeated and I have explained it to Tim – in detail.

So, all is well with me. Sen. Brochin will still go down to defeat in District 42 and my beloved Party will gain that seat in the State Senate. My friend, Larry Hogan, now has my undivided attention and next year this time I hope to be serving him when he becomes Maryland’s 62nd Governor. Most of all I know I have taken the correct path for Chris Cavey. I am doing a job I enjoy, go to work each day with a smile on my face and I have the inextinguishable desire to change Maryland – I am a happy man.

Thank you for your support,

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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