Updated: Denials that Del. Mike Hough losing House leadership position


19 Feb 2014 3:25 p.m. update: Hearing from multiple legislative sources in Annapolis that Delegate Hough is denying the below report is the case. Additionally, I hear that Minority Leader Nic Kipke has told colleagues that Hough is keeping his leadership position. That begs a question that needs to be asked and (I’ll do it on Twitter shortly) – is Kipke endorsing Hough for the Senate primary?

It would appear the whole House vs. Senate thing may have forestalled the previous plans – either that or the heat from my original report caused the situation to change. My original sources are reliable ones.

<end of update>

I’m hearing now that Delegate Mike Hough is going to be losing his job as Assistant House Minority Leader later today. As I reported yesterday, Hough had decided to not run in the crowded field for the House of Delegates in District 4 and that decision appears to be costing him his leadership post. Hough was set to meet with Senator David Brinkley today to inform him that he would be running against him in the Senate primary for the same district. Hough was expected to announce his candidacy sometime after that meeting.

Liberal blog The Seventh State reported on the pending announcement and said:

This one will be bloody.

In a previous piece on the 4th District, The Seventh State had this to say about Hough:

All four seats in District 4 are safe for the Republicans. Though Del. Michael Hough’s website still solicits support for running in 3B, his home is now in District 4  and plans to run for the Senate against incumbent Sen. Minority Leader David Brinkley. Hough’s very active twitter feed of anti-Obamacare, anti-tax. anti-union, global warming denying posts sure has the look of a Republican straining to endear himself to tea-party voters.

Brinkley has a reputation in the Senate of a smart and cordial staunch–but not certifiable–conservative. Which means, of course, that he could be in trouble with the wing of his party that demands total purity and legislative ineffectiveness to gain election.

Brinkley has just $21K in his campaign account and has not yet filedfor reelection. Along with Del. Kathy Afzali (R-4A), Brinkley sought unsuccessfully to defeat Rep. Roscoe Bartlett in the Republican primary. Bartlett limped home with 44% to 20% for Brinkley and 10% for Afzali. Some may speculate that Brinkley may be getting tired of the General Assembly, though he gives every sign of planning to run for reelection.

Michael Hough has a more robust $115K in his campaign account and will make it a humdinger of a primary. Neither Brinkley nor Hough can raise funds during the session, leaving little time before the primary and giving Hough an edge. On the other hand, Hough will need to get known in a lot of new territory that Brinkley has represented in the House or Senate since the 1994 election. Hough will try to beat Brinkley by running to his right and presenting himself as a more authentic conservative.

As I noted on a post about the GOP Fall Convention in November, Brinkley said that there has to be a conversation about making Maryland a right to work state.


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  1. Had Enough?

    Vote for Hough.

    Seriously, I cannot tell you how pleased it makes me that someone with a conservative spine is running against that wife-choking (read the press reports), big spending liberal (who voted for O’Malley’s budget), David Brinkley. What the Fuck is wrong with Maryland Republicans to again put Brinkley in a position of leadership as the Minority Whip? Here’s to hoping that Michael Hough brings an end to that ridiculous man’s ludicrous political career.