Charles Lollar has a running mate


Charles Lollar’s campaign sent out a press release last night that he would be announcing his running mate Monday morning on the morning news on Fox 45 (WBFF) in Baltimore. He and his running mate will then be filing at the State Board of Elections between 11 and 12 Monday morning.

The choice of outlet is odd. I am pretty sure the morning news on Fox 45 isn’t that highly rated.

I heard from multiple people talking about how many issues (grammar, typos, bad writing, etc.) the Lollar release had. In fact, one communications professional told me that it “is the worst press release I’ve ever seen in my career. This is why no one takes him seriously.  I’ve seen high school student government associations write better media availability announcements.”

This is no surprise since the Lollar campaign has been a joke for a while now. As I once said, you can’t spell Lollar without LOL.

First, I question the timing of the campaign sending a release out late on a Wednesday. This is likely the first pickup he will get on it. I have to wonder if all of the things I’ve written about Lollar’s not filing yet and his lack of a running mate recently along with the possibility of him dropping out resulted in this announcement being sent 5 days before the actual announcement (Note: I’ve pointed out the same things for Ron George’s lack of a running mate or filing as well.) Even Larry Hogan’s camp, with their penchant for making  (sometimes multiple) announcements about future announcements, only gave one day’s notice before they announced Boyd Rutherford as his running mate.

Second, I had heard early on in the Lollar campaign that Charles Lollar had expressed a desire to cross the aisle and pick a running mate who is a Democrat. Obviously, this would require such a pick to change their registration to Republican before filing. I know Lollar has made a big deal out of pushing Democrats for Lollar organizations in some areas (which does nothing for him in the GOP primary.)

Aditionally, Lollar has touted “endorsements” from many people who have just made supportive statements in the past and these ended up having to be walked back. I heard that recently Lollar was touting the support (or endorsement?) of Frank Conaway. I’m not sure if that was Conaway Sr. or Jr. but the whole Conaway family is a Democratic dynasty in Baltimore City. I don’t think any of the Conaways would be Lollar’s running mate, but if any of them did take that role on, it would be bad news for Lollar since the Conaways are a boil on the hemorrhoid that is Baltimore City politics.

We will find out Monday morning once and for all who Lollar’s running mate is. At this point, I’m sure it will be underwhelming. The best the Lollar campaign can hope for is to win the expectations game by picking someone halfway decent who will exceed everyone’s expectation of him making a crappy selection.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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