Delegate Mike Hough resigns his leadership position


I reported yesterday that Delegate Mike Hough would be leaving his position as Assistant House Minority Leader in Annapolis and it was related to him announcing his candidacy against Senator David Brinkley in the Republican primary this year (another story I broke first.) I received several vociferous denials from House members and staffers in Annapolis. In fact, I heard Hough was denying the story and that he had Kipke’s support to remain in his job. Additionally, I heard Kipke was telling members that Hough would be remaining in his position.

This morning, Bethany Rodgers of the Frederick News-Post made the following tweets:

Kipke’s comments today would seem to indicate there was some sort of nudge to me. I find it interesting that all the denials yesterday turned to Hough’s resignation today. Unless there was a strong reaction yesterday among House members, I don’t think the original plans changed that much. I just interfered with the planned timeline with my reporting yesterday.

I don’t really know yet what happened behind the scenes that resulted in Hough’s resignation today after all insistence he was keeping the leadership job yesterday. He could have legitimately had a change of heart. He could have been pushed. Like I said above, Kipke’s comments today would seem to indicate that there was at least minimal pressure.

The nuances in wording of my reports, the denials, and other reports from Annapolis still resulted in the same result I reported yesterday. Mike Hough is no longer House Minority Leader because he is running for the Senate and will no longer be a Delegate after this year no matter what happens. As I heard from one source in the Frederick area who isn’t particularly a fan of Hough or Brinkley, the one good thing about Hough taking on Brinkley is that no matter who wins, one of them will be sitting at home after the election.

As others have predicted, the Brinkley-Hough race is already getting nasty and “bloody” and I am sure it will just get worse between now and the primary on both sides. One issue that I’m sure will be brought up in the future is the money that Hough transferred from his state account to the federal account of Alex Mooney, who is running for Congress in West Virginia now after leaving Maryland.

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