Report: Brian Murphy “not likely to run” for office



Robert Lang of WBAL Radio interviewed Brian Murphy Friday and reported on it this morning on the radio. The story is online now.

He was a political unknown when he challenged former Governor Bob Ehrlich for the Republican nomination for governor in 2010.


Brian Murphy earned 24% of the vote in the Republican Primary, and a number of analysts considered Murphy a “future star” of the Republican Party.

His supporters considered him a leader of the “Tea Party” movement in Maryland.

Four years later, Brian Murphy told WBAL News that “it’s not likely” that he will run for any office.

In a brief phone interview on Friday, Murphy told WBAL News that he has been approached to run for the Maryland Senate or the House of Delegates in his Eastern Shore district.

Murphy said that he is “flattered” to be considered for public office, but he says the demands of his business will keep him from the campaign trail.

Murphy, who was endorsed over Erhlich by Maryland Right to Life for his pro-life views, said he’s not running due to business obligations at his rapidly expanding business (The Smith Island Cake Company.)

Murphy told Lang he is “not likely” changing his mind before Tuesday’s filing deadline.

Murphy first hinted at a return to politics in October. In January, there was speculation about what he might actually run for. The WBAL report mentioned Murphy as a potential candidate for the House or Senate. I had also previously written that Murphy might challenge Senator Richard Colburn.

Colburn’s wife filed for divorce and alleged he committed adultery with a former aide. Colburn’s attorney successfully got the whole case sealed to protect him politically. For some more discussion of Colburn’s campaign and divorce case, go here.

In a story I broke first in the wee hours Friday morning, Addie Eckardt filed against Colburn in the primary. There are still unconfirmed reports that Colburn’s estranged wife might file against him. Michael Swartz, who apparently missed me breaking the news, also discusses that race, including my previous story on Joe Bartenfelder possibly running as a Democrat.

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