Charles Lollar discussed tax increases in Bowie today

Charles Lollar

A brief report from a campaign forum today at Temple Solel in Bowie, Maryland follows below.

A Democratic campaign source let me know about how things went at a candidate forum at the Reformed Jewish Community on Mitchellville Road. First of all, Anthony Brown was absent, but his tracker was there. Heather Mizeur and Doug Gansler were there along with their trackers. Gansler even made a crack about the Brown tracker during his remarks. That means there should be at least three recorded versions of the events (maybe more if any of the Republicans had trackers there.) Smart campaigns were recording the speakers from both sides in case they need them in the general election as well.

On the Republican side, Larry Hogan and David Craig were both absent and it was reported that Craig had a scheduling conflict involving an interview. Charles Lollar and Ron George were both there.

I understand that Charles Lollar made some remarks about taxes at the event. Specifically, he said that he would support tax increases that have a lock box on them:

Every tax increase must have a lock box or I will not sign it.

Yesterday, Brian Griffiths of Red Maryland wrote about a February 18 Purple Line Now forum at Montgomery College where Lollar made similar remarks.

In that case Lollar said:

CHARLES LOLLAR: Above and beyond all of that, because it sounds great, whether it’s the Purple Line in Montgomery County, or the Red Line potentially coming up in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, none of this can be done if we raid the transportation trust fun year after year after year after year. It’s a real problem, whether you want to wake up in the morning and have the conversation or not. One thing I did agree with with was one of the comments earlier is that this should not be a campaign for high school president. It’s gonna have to be a campaign you’re gonna have to take real hard and serious. You know my mother used to say this all the time, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Sometimes we have a hard time doing that because we have love the people that we elect so much. But I’m gonna challenge you, I’m gonna challenge you. To take a look at the the the the candidates out there, specifically myself if I can be selfish. and I want to know that although we’re going to be able to get these types of lines done, we’re going to do it without raiding the transportation trust fund, we’re going to exercise, no beep first, we’re going to exercise command, leadership, that says we will not pass a tax bill without an enforceable lock box placed upon it, to ensure that you can no longer take tax bills once they’re passed and rob one fund to another.

There is video of the Montgomery College remarks at the link above and the trackers who were at the event today likely have a recording of today’s remarks by Lollar.

Griffiths points out that Lollar is the first Republican candidate to “open the door” to tax increases. He also discusses Lollar’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights proposal. Additionally, Lollar signed Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge when he ran for Congress in 2010. I’ve made inquiries with ATR to see who, if anyone, has signed the state-level pledge for Maryland this year.

Griffiths finds it odd that Lollar, a Republican, would make theses remarks in Montgomery County in front of an audience largely hostile to Republicans. I would echo the same sentiments for today and just replace it with Prince George’s County. To reiterate, Lollar has said he would be amenable to a tax increase (with conditions) in front of largely liberal audiences twice in the same week now.

Maybe someone can ask Lollar about it tomorrow when he finally names a running mate and finally files for office.

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  1. I abhor Grover Norquist . He trapped so many republicans with his stupid ass tax pledge. Pledging to absolutely not do something in the impossible to see future is asinine. Pledges in politics ALWAYS bite the pledges in the ass. Can you say GHW Bush and “read my lips” no new taxes .Or even the plethora of pledges Obama has made that he thought he could do but reality has gotten in the way. I am glad Lollar is honest and smart enough not to make a pledge that will inevitably be broken..

    I can just hear Red Maryland now BREAKING NEWS LOLLAR BREAKS TAX PLEDGE