No, Jeannie Haddaway is not dropping out as David Craig’s running mate


There have been rumors online this weekend, most of them spread by supporters of a specific gubernatorial candidate and an anonymous smear merchant masquerading as a blog (allegedly not affiliated with any supporter of that same campaign), which have been spreading a falsehood. The falsehood, spread in hushed tones as if it’s a conspiracy theory, is that because campaign emails, press releases, and the campaign website all feature banners with just David Craig and not Jeannie Haddaway that Haddaway is dropping out as Craig’s running mate. The truth is much more innocuous.

If you’ve actually read anything about the way the campaign has been going this year on both sides of the aisle, you know there have been a lot of news stories, and even a lawsuit on the Democratic side of things, related to fundraising prohibitions for candidates who happen to be Maryland General Assembly members while the House and Senate are in session.

That’s exactly what is going on here. The Craig campaign is acting out of an abundance of caution to avoid getting hung up by those laws.

Here’s what a Craig campaign spokesman told me tonight:

It’s because of State Board of Elections requirements on delegates participating in fundraising during session.  We will put on the Craig-Haddaway banner for press releases after sine die.  If the press releases have the joint banner, someone else in the campaign might use that for e-mail blasts that have a donation link.

Another source close to the Craig campaign points out that the Brown-Ulman campaign is doing the exact same thing. It has to be done because it would be considered coordination.

There’s no conspiracy – just people talking out of their ass with no facts to back up – something that’s all too common from those involved. Maybe instead of spreading lies and libel about people, they should just shut up and get right with God and their personal liability carrier.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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