As reported here first Saturday, Lollar picks Ken Timmerman


John Wagner of WaPo got around to filing a story after midnight last night that was already old news to many who follow Maryland Republican politics. The story indicated that Charles Lollar was going to pick Ken Timmerman as his running mate this morning on WBFF in Baltimore. Lollar and Timmerman are headed to file in Annapolis later in the morning.

Wagner also reported that Timmerman recently moved to Frederick County from Montgomery County. The one detail left out of that was the fact that Timmerman was attempting to be a carpetbagger candidate for delegate in District 4. Timmerman had already previously rejected Lollar’s overtures for running mate, along with seemingly half the MD GOP.

The funniest thing about the whole article is this line:

Timmerman said he considers Lollar “the next Ronald Reagan.”

Unless he’s talking about Charles Lollar pursuing a career as an actor in B movies, Timmerman needs to just stop embarassing himself.

Another excerpt from the article:

Much of Timmerman’s reporting has focused on the Middle East, and he has lived for stints in Egypt and Lebanon, according to a biography on his Web site. He has written for the conservative monthly magazine American Spectator and for NewsMax Media Inc.

Lollar, a Charles County businessman, said he would incorporate Timmerman’s journalistic skills into his work as lieutenant governor.

“We intend on using Ken as Maryland’s chief investigator to help us uncover all of the excessive spending and misplaced tax dollars,” Lollar said in an interview.

As a candidate, Lollar has proposed eliminating the state’s personal income tax, a move he acknowledges would require major reductions in government spending.

Speaking of taxes, Charles Lollar has said he’s amenable to raising taxes twice in the past week. With Lollar seemingly going wobbly on taxes now and also after picking Timmerman for running mate, he shouldn’t expect to speak at a Wednesday Meeting at Americans for Tax Reform anytime. Timmerman has written a lot of negative things about Grover Norquist, his wife, and a Republican he calls Norquist’s protege – Suhail Khan.

Lollar-Timmerman is a ticket comprised of two failed congressional candidates. The top of the ticket already has credibility issues and the addition of Timmerman might hurt as much as it helps – especially in the general election when the media would focus on Timmerman’s past writings and statements, just like some said they would had Michael Peroutka had run for Attorney General.

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Jeff Quinton

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  1. Regarding the last paragraph of your story: I don’t see where adding Timmerman to his ticket helps Lollar in the least. Not in the least. In fact, it’s no better than when Hogan made Rutherford his LG pick.