Bartlett’s wife and his former chief of staff running for Frederick County Council


UPDATE: I hear that Ellen Bartlett will likely withdraw – that she was trying to scare Bud Otis out of the race before he ended up filing for an at-large seat. There are other Republicans running in District 1.

Ellen Bartlett, wife of former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, is running for District 1 for Frederick County Council. Bartlett’s former chief of staff Bud Otis is also running for county council. However, Otis is running for an at-large council seat.

Of course, Bud Otis was previously fired (or forced to resign) by Bartlett for disloyalty after allegedly trying to set up his own campaign for the congressional seat . Rep. Neil Parrott even said that Otis tried to line up support for a bid while Otis was still working in Bartlett’s congressional office.

In 2011, the following was written about Bud Otis working for Bartlett:

On Mr. Cox’s departure, Harold F. (Bud) Otis, Jr., took over. His strongest credential apparently was that he shared Mr. Bartlett’s Seventh-day Adventist membership. Before being summoned to Capitol Hill, he was president of the church’s Family Enrichment Resources, infamous within Seventh-day Adventist circles for producing and selling a videotape Biblical series. Coming off a controversial and troubled stewardship, Mr. Otis markedly restricted access to his boss.

During my Washington years, I saw this frequently. In order to keep their jobs, Capitol Hill staffs shut off elected officials from most matters the employees choose to ignore. In every instance, the representative or senator was defeated at the polls, sooner or later. But I’m sure “Bud” Otis has his retirement well planned.

Otis was most recently seen working for the failed congressional campaign of David Vogt. Otis reportedly left the Vogt campaign in the weeks before Vogt announced he was quitting. It was rumored that both Vogt and Otis were running for county council. However, Vogt decided to run for the House in District 4.

A recent article indicated that Roscoe and Ellen Bartlett have been living in West Virginia. They apparently didn’t see their Maryland home and she is living there.  Her filing today indicates an address on Buckeystown Pike in Frederick.

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