HoughRefund.com website asks Del. Hough to refund contributions


I noticed a new website today called HoughRefund.com.

The site has this message on it:

We have a real opportunity this year. To capitalize on the fiscal mistakes of our Liberal governor and Liberal state legislature. We have given to our Republican candidates our time, or money, and our support. Delegate Hough raised over $115,000 in a campaign account “Hough for Delegate.”

The county of Frederick was ready to support him as he went back to Annapolis and continued to be a good representative of his constituents. Unfortunately, he has chosen instead of working hard to get other Republicans down in Annapolis (which he was appointed by the state party to do, head up the GOP House Slate) he wants to waste $100,000s and all our effort so that he can self-promote himself to a “higher” position. No matter if he wins or loses, we lose a seasoned Republican conservative voice in Annapolis. Enough lies and mis-leading your donors and constituents. We want our money back Delegate Hough!

Below that, the site has a button that sends an email to Del. Hough to ask for a return of the sender’s contribution. Additionally there’s a Facebook page. The website itself and its domain name registry information show no clue of who is behind the site.

As I reported first on February 18, Hough announced he was running against Senator David Brinkley in the Republican primary. I previously reported that Hough was considering due to the crowded field in the House race in District 4.

Since Hough’s announcement, I wrote that he would be losing his leadership post. After some spin the day it was reported, he resigned from the post the next day. Hough has already been endorsed by Red Maryland. There have been various memes show up online critical of Hough as well. This website appears to be the next step the people unhappy with Hough running are taking.

Hough also transferred $999 from his campaign account to the West Virginia congressional campaign of Alex Mooney.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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