Andy Harris vs. Campaign for Liberty in local races?


I had noticed some names on lists of Baltimore County Republican Central Committee candidates on the board of elections website that were people I knew were affiliated with Campaign for Liberty (C4L.) I also heard this was the case in other counties as well.

Then last night after filing closed, I heard that Congressman Andy Harris had been fielding candidates who filed for central committee to run against the C4L candidates. I also heard that Harris had allegedly put up Alan McCarthy to run in the primary against Del. Mike Smigiel in District 36.

Will this be a proxy war to take over the county central committees and how will it ultimately play out? What will the result mean for the state GOP?

I talked to one prominent Republican last night who is not fond of C4L who said he would do all he could in the central committee races to stop them.

Another Republican told me last night that Andy Harris “wants to run the State party and the libertarians and liberty candidates are the only thing stopping him from being the Party.”

Besides McCarthy in District 36, Harris is also said to be behind the campaign of Tim Robinson in District 42.  During the Senate 36 mess last summer, I also constantly heard from people who weren’t fans of Harris that he was trying to set his own machine up to control things in the GOP in his district.

Is this latest conflict between Andy Harris and the libertarian leaning Republicans a battle for the soul of the party or is this just more fighting for crumbs within a party that is totally locked out of any real power?

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Campaign for Liberty has been openly trying to hijack the MD GOP by openly taking over central committees. Real Republicans are resisting by aggressively filing for central committee positions. This is somehow an Andy Harris driven conspiracy? I thought EJ Pipkin moved to Texas. Are you living on Smipkin Island?

  2. OK, I’m getting really sick of the lying Republican machine! I AM a lifelong conservative, and not sure if I fit in the Republican party anymore. I side with Andy Harris. All you have to do is follow his voting record to see where Dr. Harris stands. He has consistently opposed Illegal Immigration, fought against Obamacare, and helped support fiscal conservatism. Yes, he has 1. 1! vote to pass the last debt ceiling bill, but there was no sense in opposing it due to the lack of support from anyone else in Congress.

    Dr. Harris has proven his conservative stance by his votes, and not bending under tremendous pressure from the party elite. C4L-can you match his conservative record?? Not by many of the candidates you support.

    When trying to figure out WHO is a conservative and who is a RINO-watch how they vote and who they support. That should help you decide.

  3. In reading your posting on Dr. Harris, I felt like I was listening to bad sequel to the linked song…”My Mama said…this and My Mama said…that…” Any names to go with these imaginary people? Any actual…I don’t know…PROOF?

  4. Seriously dude? I don’t know anything about the author but I have to wonder if he graduated high school – I would be embarassed to put my name on that article. Is there any substance… at all? All I saw was “I noticed”, “I heard”, “I also heard”, “another republican told me”, “I talked to a prominant republican”, “it is also said” and “I constantly heard”. WOW

    • I wish all these so-called authorities would bring some facts tothe table to back up their ridiculous claims. It is becoming tiresome to hear from these pseudo-Republicans who are merely progressives in disguise.

  5. I agree with Donna. There is a lot of “I heard”, “someone said”, and other unsubstantiated comments. I am not impressed with the article.