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This is the first post of many where I will be looking at third party candidates (and some of the lesser candidates in the Democratic and Republican primaries) now that filing has closed.

Meet Leo Dymowski, Libertarian candidate for Maryland Attorney General. He is a graduate of Archbishop Curley High School and served in the U.S. Army. He graduated with a political science degree from UMBC. While working at the Housing Authority in Baltimore City he went to night school and received a Master’s in Urban Planning and Management along with his law degree. Dymowski spent 15 years in private legal practice  before becoming a Hearing Officer with the Maryland Parole Commission. He and his wife live in Dundalk, where he is active in animal rescue efforts.

His campaign website, Vote4Leo.org, has information on his issue positions. The front page of his site focuses on ending the War on Drugs. He has a section his site called The Safety Solution where he discusses his plan to end the war on drugs as well as his plans to end citizen disarmament.

From the section on ending citizen disarmament:

End Citizen Disarmament

The Problem:
Maryland’s misguided anti-gun laws disarm responsible, law-abiding citizens while giving violent criminals license to kill.

Democrats and Republicans mislead voters using scare tactics rather than inform themselves and the public that the right to keep and bear arms saves lives and dramatically reduces violent crime.

School children are vulnerable to the terror of mass murderers who know that schools remain unarmed and defenseless.

The Solution:
Repeal and immediately cease the enforcement of disarmament laws now on the books that violate your Second Amendment right to self-defense.

As your Attorney General, I will do everything within my power to:
Stop arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating non-violent gun owners.
Work to repeal the Governors Firearm Safety Act of 2013 and every other anti-gun law on the books that violates your right to self defense, protection of your family, and protection of our schools.
Disband the Firearms Trafficking Unit and stop the seizure of hundreds of firearms owned by responsible citizens.

These measures will:
Signal to every violent criminal that they are not safe if they violate or threaten another human being.
Bring an end to senseless killings of innocent men, women and children in “gun free” zones. Schools will no longer be a target for mass murderers.
Drive down the rate of violent crimes in our state – making our homes, streets and schools safe.
Save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

As your attorney general, I am committed to restoring and preserving your right of gun ownership and self-defense.

Dymowski’s other positions are detailed as well. He supports repealing the Rain Tax. He will work to monitor speed camera abuses while working to shut them down. Dymowski will support efforts to disband the state-run health exchange. He also would drive himself to work in his own car and not use state troopers as drivers.

Dymowski will face Republican nominee Jeffrey Pritzker and the Democratic nominee – either Aisha, Braveboy, Jon Cardin, or Brian Frosh – in the general election.

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