Report: Lollar loses another campaign manager


Charles Lollar‘s campaign isn’t doing much better since Karen Winterling took her ball and went home (a.k.a. left Maryland for Florida in the middle of a campaign – was that all voluntary or was she pushed out?) The campaign’s pathetic fundraising totals, their bumbling search for a running mate that saw them rejected by people like Brandon Rippeon, and how they ultimately settled on Ken Timmerman were features of the past couple of months for them.

Within the past few days it has come out that Demos Chrissos is no longer the campaign manager. He had friends warning him not to take the job before he did, and apparently he learned why. Who’s going to be the campaign’s third campaign manager?

Some speculated that Lollar might not file the way things were going. The question is now whether the campaign will make it to election day – not that it matters since he has the same chance of winning if he’s off the ballot.

Despite Lollar’s smear merchants implying otherwise, no payments have come to me from any other campaign. All you have to do is read my past posts on Larry Hogan over the past several months to see why many in the Hogan campaign think I’m out to get them. The same goes for the nasty calls and emails I get from the other campaigns.  I am gladly not supporting any candidate in the primary. I will hold my nose and vote for someone in June but that’s about it for the primary.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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