Craig-Haddaway finance team includes Steve Salamon, Josh Wolf


I’ve confirmed with the Craig-Haddaway campaign information that I had been hearing about Josh Wolf‘s return to the campaign. Wolf rejoins the campaign as a paid staffer and is the Finance Director. He is working with the campaign finance chair Steve Salamon.

Wolf had been working as a consultant for David Craig from the beginning of the campaign and, as I noted prior to his departure, left at the end of December. Steve Salamon, who joined the campaign as Finance Chair, was chairman of the Maryland Health Commission during the administration of Gov. Bob Ehrlich. Salamon has been active in the insurance industry and has also been helping the Craig campaign with Obamacare issues.

A Washington Post report today indicates that Craig intends to participate in public financing – this would appear to bury the lede since the story is about the fine discussed below.

The story also notes the Craig campaign was fined $1,000 for self-reporting a violation of fundraising during the legislative session because of an email newsletter with a donation link in it that featured Jeannie Haddaway on the banner along with Craig. As I noted earlier this week, Craig’s banner not having  Haddaway on it anymore fueled false conspiracy theories among the less stable supporters of another candidate that Haddaway was leaving the campaign.  This fine explains even more about the banner move.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Jeannie Haddaway (Riccio) an inept, deceptive, gullible Maryland politician who doesn’t have the intelligence or integrity to run a political campaign or even worse be the Lt. Governor of Maryland . What a joke! Haddaway is nothing more than a pretty face deceptively cloaked in Republican attire with a history of pandering to radical liberal groups like the Polaris project who suckered her into being sponsoring (HB 65) a law that when originally introduced would have required Maryland citizens to be fingerprinted and background checked before communicating with foreigners on Facebook and other personal introduction sites. The fact that she drafted a law which grossly violates freedom of communication (or common sense) reveals a stunning incompetence/ ignorance of the constitution. Then in 2011 she tried to steer wasteful “pork projects” to her district which were disguised as bond bills, and after being caught she tried to deny her culpability while point fingers at the democrats.