GOP candidate: masturbation is Satan’s plot to silence the church


Meet Janice Fountaine. As I noted before, she was on Larry Hogan’s short list for his running mate. However, as I also correctly reported first, Boyd Rutherford  ended up being Hogan’s choice for Lt. Governor.

Instead, Fountaine is running for the Maryland State Senate in Legislative District 22. The incumbent Democrat Senator is Paul Pinsky.

On February 24, D.C. Russell blogged at Red Maryland about how much trouble the GOP was having recruiting candidates in Prince George’s County and the fact that at that point only four candidates had filed. . At that time, Russell noted that one of the few candidates they had was in District 22. Russell’s followup post about other candidates found in PG County before the filing deadline lists them all (12 total Republicans), including Fountaine.

Here’s a statement in 2012 from the month before the general election put out by the New Independent Christian Party, which listed Fountaine as the Chair (emphasis added):

The November election is poised to leave the Christian base with an extremely bitter taste of misrepresentation and miscalculation of our position and priorities concerning many of the issues in the forefront of American lives today.

The misrepresentation of the biblical teachings and principles to which we profess as Christians, prevent us from continuing to support either the Democratic or the Republican Party candidates.

As the Party of No Compromise, the New Independent Christian Party intends to influence the outcome of American elections and uphold the Godly principles by which America was built and by which Christians believe, live and exist.

The Chair, Bishop Janice Fountaine and Co-chair, Dr. Ralph Martino vow to build a strong political party that will illuminate the Christian voice and bring clarity to the Christian agenda to influence America, impact the world and increase the kingdom.

The New Independent Christian Party website includes a picture of Fountaine on the main page and lists her as chair. The NICP’s About Page discusses the party’s organization and what their mission is. The party’s platform/issues page has statements on the right to life, sanctity of marriage, education, economic issues, and foreign policy.

The economics page includes this:

We do not support the GOP platform for across the board tax cuts. We believe that the tax rates for the middle class should be decreased and the Bush tax cuts for the rich needs to be eliminated.

Interesting, since Fountaine is now a candidate for office within the Maryland GOP, which has now platform of its own and instead endorses the national platform.

The foreign policy page starts out with this gem:

America is the world police, whether we like it or not.

Numerous sites report on this excerpt in context of the NICP and Fountaine as well:

The practice of homosexuality and self-pleasure, are age old systems, being recharged and reorganized for end-time warfare. It is being orchestrated from the diabolical realms of the supernatural and manifested on earth, with the overall intention, to silence the church forever. These actions, by satan, is an all out declaration of victory, as the church finds itself caught off guard and intertwined in his evil end-time warfare, strategies and systems.

Her past statements on the Republican party may give some Republicans pause. Her statements on masturbation may wind up getting her the kind of media attention she doesn’t want as she runs for office; and it may not be limited just to Maryland (Daily Show, MSNBC, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, et. al.)

I know there has been a lot of recent discussion about how the Maryland GOP recruits candidates and there has been a discussion about whether it’s smart to have the proverbial warm body filed to run for every office or whether to focus on recruiting good candidates. In this specific case, the MD GOP learned of these statements during the recruitment process last year. Local Republicans complained that I wrote about these things in the post on Hogan’s short list and even the fact I reported she was on the list (even though I pointed there was no way she would be picked.)

Janice Fountaine running for the state senate could potentially cause embarrassment for the MD GOP. Fountaine isn’t a candidate for statewide office. She’s only running for a state senate seat that she has almost no chance to win (I will gladly eat crow on this if I’m wrong.)

It’s hard to gauge what kind of damage she could cause. Many, like Mark Newgent, would say that someone like Michael Peroutka would have been a drag up and down the ticket. I’m not sure many people would say anything remotely the same about Fountaine. If anything, she might impact other races in Prince George’s County, if there were that many races to actually impact considering the lack of candidates (as written about by D.C. Russell.) Hopefully, the PG GOP Central Committee will make some good appointments to the offices no one filed to run for.

In case you weren’t following the story, Peroutka didn’t run for Attorney General (he is running for Anne Arundel County Council instead) and the MD GOP recruited Jeffrey Pritzker to be their candidate for AG.

One other note that I doubt anyone will read or pay attention to when hate starts raining down on me from Republican: I have not said anything positive or negative about any of the statements Fountaine has made. I simply quoted them and let the chips fall where they may.  There are probably quite a few things I agree with her on personally.

From her biography:

Prophetess Janice Fountaine is a native of Washington, DC and the wife of Elder Darnell Fountaine. She received her calling to preach and to the office of the prophet in 1994, by the Spirit of God. She is an ordained Apostle and Pastor. After having Pastored for 10 years, Apostle Fountaine is now the Presiding Apostolic Prelate of the Five-fold Church Fellowship, Which includes Janice Fountaine Ministries, International Company of Prophets, etc. She is also the Presiding Pastor of Kingdom Empowerment Prophetic Worship Center, as well as the founder of Janice Fountaine Ministries, Inc., and Unveiling Truth. In April 2013, Apostle Fountaine will host “Focusing on America” Live Radio Talk Show.

Apostle Fountaine has attended Howard University, Word of Faith Christian College and The Glory School of Ministry. She received a certificate from Zimbabwe University. She has travelled to Guyana, South America, Jamaica, West Indies, and Zimbabwe South Africa, where she participated in a three year Pastoral Excellence Program, facilitated by the Lott Carey Foreign Missions program.
Apostle Fountaine is the author of Why should I Wait, When God Said Go? Who’s Going To Get Gomer? (book and play) and Realms and Dimensions of the Supernatural. In April 2011, she will release, The Apostolic Burden. She is also the author of numerous Poetic Christian Journals, handbooks and other writings.
She moves by the Spirit of God, and functions under the mantles of the Apostle and the Prophet. Her prophetic mandate is to “Gather the Prophets, train, equip, empower and activate those called to the realm of the prophetic and to go forth and speak what “Thus saith the Lord.”
In doing so, Apostle Fountaine will help position the Body of Christ, for a great shifting, by God and a great outpouring of His Spirit, so that they may walk in their predestined Kingdom authority and fulfill His purpose in them.
Prophetess Fountaine has a passion for worship. She prays daily, “Lord show me your glory” and she declares the words of Charles Wesley, “A charge to keep I have and a God to glorify.”
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  1. Oh look, another Christian living in deathly fear that somebody, somewhere might be enjoying themselves.

  2. > The practice of homosexuality and self-pleasure, are age old systems, being recharged and reorganized for end-time warfare. It is being orchestrated from the diabolical realms of the supernatural and manifested on earth, with the overall intention, to silence the church forever.

    Grown-ups believe this. Grown-ups. Believe this.

    Just amazing.