Michael Steele applauds Spike Lee’s rant


From The Right Scoop:

Spike Lee has come under fire this week for comments he made in a seven minute rant where he complained about the scourge white mothers pushing their babies in strollers without fear and “mother f*cking hipsters” moving into black neighborhoods in New York City. On MSNBC Saturday, former RNC Chair Michael Steele was part of a panel discussing the controversy and praised Lee’s comments, saying “Bravo!”


To that Michael Steele says “it’s about time.”

“It’s a very legitimate argument,” argues Steele. “We owe it to ourselves to invest first in these communities so you don’t have this issue of whites coming in.”

He goes on to say that black people should have “our own level of gentrification of folks who look like us.”

Video of Steele’s comments is below and I follow it with my comments.

Many in Republican politics, especially in Maryland, think it’s time for Michael Steele to just go away. One Republican noted that, “Michael Steele would have been a bankrupt attorney without Bob Ehrlich.”

In a similar vein, another Republican compared Steele to the character Tommy Gunn in Rocky V. Gunn was a  young boxer that Rocky Balboa discovered in the film. At one point later in the film, the character Paulie tells Rocky the following about Gunn: “”You should have left him where you found him.”

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