Why Larry Hogan hasn’t closed the deal for some Republicans


Michael Swartz penned a response to a form email he got from the Hogan campaign (specifically Chris Cavey) that was apparently sent to all Central Committee candidates.

Some of the things in Swartz’s response illustrate common complaints I hear from people who are skeptical about Hogan’s candidacy or not eager to jump on the coronation bandwagon and declare Hogan the nominee by acclamation.

The first excerpt from the Swartz post:

Well, first things first: I’ve been trying in my own special way to build this party for eight-plus years, so I wish your boss wouldn’t be so coy about how he will reach out to people who care about a number of issues: education, the environment, Second Amendment rights, and agriculture being chief among them. We are well aware of all the tax increases we’ve been forced to endure – if we didn’t vote with our feet and leave the state, as Change Maryland has so often pointed out – and we know economic conditions here are lacking. But those aren’t the only issues and all I hear from your boss is the same message of how Change Maryland appeals to independents and how bad the situation is right now. Remember, I was at the Change Marylandparty in November, in part because I figured he’d actually make it official that night.

Some other interesting points:

So it leads me to a question: what if Larry either isn’t the nominee or doesn’t win in November? Does Change Maryland go on, and will you share resources with the Maryland GOP? One criticism I heard in the years following Bob Ehrlich’s defeat was that the party was still overly oriented to Bob’s success rather than trying to be there for everyone. I’m sure there were some who were relieved when Bob lost in 2010, taking the short-term pain in looking at the long road because the party could finally move on from the Ehrlich legacy – let’s face it, we’re not exactly talking about Ronald Reagan here.

So Chris, if Larry wins, this will not be the Maryland Larry Hogan Party, it will be the Maryland Republican Party. We will work appropriately for his re-election but not exclusively as it seemed, by many accounts, like the MDGOP did from 2002-06 (and even during O’Malley’s first term, when Larry ran the first time before ceding the field to “my friend” Bob.)

And Swartz’s closing for his response to the Cavey form email:

Listen, I really would like to back Larry but so far I don’t know where he stands on a lot of important issues. He has a good overall message but one thing I’ve found about certain candidates is that once you look deeper into what they have to say, they tend to either contradict themselves over time or they pander to the crowd they’re speaking in front of. I suppose Larry’s keeping it simple to stay on message but sooner or later people like me have to ask and there has to be more than one dimension. We know it’s easy to be the opposition party and stand on the sidelines, so – aside from the three-point test Larry touts – how will he govern and lead?

There you have my response, Chris. Color me skeptical – and still undecided – for now.

I’ve heard many similar sentiments from plenty of other Republicans the past few months. Some of it may be criticism from supporters of opposing candidates in the primary or from Hogan supporters who wish he would be more substantive, but most of it is from people who are truly undecided.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. As I have been saying for a long time, the Ehrlites in Maryland have a strangle hold on the Republican party because there not any other candidates really out there who can make a difference. Ehrlites are to socially moderate for my liking and Maryland needs to move on from there, Maryland is a political climate that prides, will shall I say, stinks of the same ole same ole. Nothing really changes except for the notes coming from ones mouth that states the obvious but gets nowhere. Maryland will never change, they will continue to support and vote for Socialists because they want to be taken care of by Big Government. Larry is a very nice person, met him a few times over the years, has done a great job with Change Maryland, but truly, how Conservative is he going to be? While working under the Ehrlite Administration, there were numerous Fee increases, IE, Taxes, there was the tug of war between the New World Order in Nap Town, there were blockades at every road. Under the tightening thumbscrews of OMiller and OBusch, if you’re name is tied to Ehrlich, your political future is dead in the water. Any associations to Ehrlich will get you nothing nowadays. Until the people of Merryland wakes up, nothing will change and Anthony Brown will be your next Governor and he will make sure to take all of your guns out of your house. The Socialist will continue to give Illegals a free pass and speaking of which, where are the socalled Republicans stance on that issue? They tend to forget about it knowing full well that Voter Fraud is taking place and they do nothing about it. Well, here’s hoping that Change will happen one day, but come on Larry, come out on the hard issues. Don’t let the likes of RINO David Craig beat you to the alter….Nothing but a rant here by a former Marylander who escaped….

  2. Larry Hogan closed the deal with me. It came as a result of the “interview” he did with John Lofton. It closed the deal to make me am “ABH”……..Anybody but Hogan voter.