Chick-Fil-A selling fish sandwiches for Lent


My wife came home from work earlier to report that our local Chick-Fil-A had a sign up saying that for a limited time they would be selling fish sandwiches. Of course, the timing is perfect since Wednesday kicks off Lent with Ash Wednesday. Catholics , and some other Christians, don’t eat meat on Ash Wednesday or on Fridays during Lent (some Catholics still observe the old rules and don’t eat meat on any Friday, Lent or not.)

I couldn’t find much information online to see if this is a chain-wide thing for CFA. However, I’m thinking it might be national, or regionally in certain areas (we’re in Baltimore if you’re a new reader), because I did find this on the website of a Chick-Fil-A in Missouri:

Chick-fil-A Fish Sandwich returns EVERYDAY of Lent

This year not only will we have the Chick-fil-A Fish Sandwich available Fridays but because our guests requested we will have the Fish Sandwich EVERYDAY of the Lent season, March 5th-April 17th.

This isn’t without precedent. McDonald’s added the Filet-O-Fish to the menu after one franchise owner in Ohio experimented with it locally to save his struggling business in an area that was 87% Catholic.

Additionally, you will notice other fast food restaurants either adding or advertising their fish offerings during Lent. Long John Silver’s and other places advertise more and Golden Corral features seafood on their buffet.

This is just another example of a savvy business move by Chick-Fil-A.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. FYI, Jeff – Orthodox Christians (Greek, Syrian, Antiochian, all ethnicites) don’t eat ANY meat, on any day, in Lent. Just so you know!

  2. I love less than 2 miles away from a Chick fil A free standing restaurant. I went through the drive thru requested the fish sandwich and was told “we only sell chicken”. They had no clue what I was talking about. I actually google it for them…disappointed.

  3. It is my understanding that only ‘test market’ Chick-Fil-As got the fish sandwich. They do limited testing in various areas to see how the product sells before offering it nationwide.