Larry Hogan rewrites War and Peace then emails it to his supporters


Just a quick note before Larry-noia sets in over at the Hogan campaign because a blogger actually wrote something about them they couldn’t control: I have critiqued campaign and political emails on more than one occasion before and had any other candidate sent something this blatantly bad I would’ve done the same for them.

Just today I wrote about ethical issues with Wade Kach emails. I did the same for an email sent by Kathy Szeliga and got a very nice response and reaction from her about it. I also criticized a Maryland GOP email sent out in April. Additionally, I was critical of one of the worst political emails I’ve ever seen sent by the Lollar campaign (that was in addition to writing about all the twists and turns while the Lollar campaign website was down for 11 days.) More relevant to this current discussion are criticisms I wrote about the Maryland GOP sending out a 1300-word email on the 4th of July and the campaign of Ken Cuccinelli sending out an 1100 word email. This is a subject I’ve written about before based on my experiences being  involved in the process of creating and sending political emails all the way up to the point of clicking on the big green send button in the email system.

Now on to today’s Hogan campaign email. First, a screen shot of the header:



This email arrived with the all-caps subject line of “WE CAN WIN!”

There are also several other uses of all-caps sentences and phrases throughout the message. None of that is ideal for avoiding recipients’ spam filters. Of course, it’s probably not a good idea to send an email that’s over 1400 words long if you expect any of the recipients to actually read it. If they want the email to be productive in fundraising, it’s good that they include donation links throughout the message. However, putting the links at seemingly random places between paragraphs as the words “CLICK HERE TO DONATE TODAY!” is probably not the best way to do it. Working the ask so it flows into the copy of the message and then hyperlinking those phrases would probably have more positive results than how this Hogan email did it.

None of it’s new material for the Hogan campaign, either. Did everybody in the campaign think sending an email this long was a good idea? Did anyone speak out against it?

My personal experience leads me to believe (in general situations involving political emails)  one or two senior people in the campaign (or the candidate or head of an organization ) wants to add more and more to the message and it balloons out of control in the process. Either there’s not someone with the expertise to say “no” or the atmosphere in the office is not generally receptive to anyone saying anything is a bad idea. I don’t know if either of those is the case with this Hogan email, but either or both could be, based on things I’ve heard from people who know Hogan.

I noted over the weekend that Michael Swartz wrote a response to a Hogan email sent to central committee candidates. Swartz might end up having carpal tunnel problems if he tried to do the same for this one.

Now, without further ado, here’s the text of the email (starting below the header I showed above):


Dear John,

Three years ago, I launched a non-partisan grassroots organization called Change Maryland to bring desperately-needed fiscal restraint and common sense to Annapolis.

Because of you, our grassroots army has grown to over 80,000 Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who are FED UP with the politicians in Annapolis who are not only not addressing the very serious problems we face but are actually making them worse! We must hold our elected officials accountable!

Maryland’s so-called leaders have increased spending by more than a billion dollars every single year since the O’Malley-Brown Administration took office. Yes, you read that correctly. While your family has lived within a sensible budget, the powers-that-be have increased spending by a billion dollars every single year!

Massive spending hikes have to be paid for by YOU. And me. And every other hard-working, tax-paying Marylander. We were all forced to cough up our hard-earned dollars to fund their reckless spending sprees!

It’s no wonder a majority of Marylanders, regardless of party — are finally ready to say enough is enough!

I am a candidate for Governor of Maryland and need your immediate help to wrest control of our state government from an out-of-touch monopoly.

The Annapolis establishment assumed this election was a choice between the number 2 and number 3 incumbents in the current administration. If they think our only choice is to either promote the Lt. Governor or the Attorney General. They are wrong!

That’s not what Maryland wants. After years of failed one-party rule, Marylanders are demanding real change in Annapolis — and neither one of those career politicians is capable of delivering it.


Only 31% of likely general election voters want to continue in the same direction. 56% want a dramatic change of leadership in Annapolis — and that’s exactly what we are going to give them.

Early internal polling shows we are the only serious challenge to the establishment. We have a 30% better chance to beat Brown than Gansler does, and a 36% better chance than Ehrlich had in 2002.


I will need your strong early support. You are one of our first supporters and I am honored to have you on my team.

Your strong early support in the amount of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or whatever you can contribute will help create much-needed momentum in these early days and show the entrenched Annapolis politicians that we are serious about change.



With Maryland already struggling with the fourth highest tax burden in the nation, the O’Malley-Brown Administration decided the best course of action was MORE TAXES and since taking office, O’Malley-Brown pushed through 40 consecutive tax hikes — the largest tax increases in Maryland history.

These ill-advised tax hikes continue to have dire consequences for our state:
• 31,000 taxpayers left Maryland for better opportunities elsewhere
• 6,500 job creators closed up shop in Maryland
• Over 200,000 Marylanders ended up unemployed — an increase of 100% in unemployment!
At this point, this is about more than politics. This is about Maryland’s future and if we stay on this dangerous tax and spend path, our future is not looking bright.

As a life-long Marylander who loves this state, I believe that we are way off track, heading in the wrong direction, and that our very economic future is at stake. I have spent a lifetime challenging the status quo, fighting against tax increases and wasteful spending, fighting to reform government, and to make Maryland a better place.

Now, as a candidate for Governor, I am bringing my message right to the voters.

I am not a politician. I am businessman and former cabinet secretary who has spent decades working to change Maryland for the better. My message transcends politics because it is rooted in common sense.

As Governor, my focus will be on jobs, middle class taxpayers, and restoring Maryland’s economy. It is time to get our fiscal house in order, and I will not be afraid to make the tough decisions because state government cannot be all things to all people all the time.

That’s not how state government works! It’s certainly not working for Maryland as evidenced by the mass exodus of people and businesses who could no longer afford to stay here.

You can rest assured that every decision I make will be put to a simple test: Will this law or action make it easier for families and job creators to stay in Maryland — and will it make more people want to come here?

If something crosses my desk as Governor that doesn’t pass this test, I will VETO it.

In order to secure a bright future for Maryland, I will need the strong early support of committed people like you. Together, we will fight back and bring some much-needed fiscal restraint and common sense to Annapolis.

In order to run a competitive campaign, we must run a smart, efficient campaign that is dependent on grassroots contributors like you. To make your contribution go even farther, we have decided to participate in matching funds.

Because of the matching, your individual contribution will be matched on a 12:1 basis — a contribution of $100 will become $1,240 and a contribution of $250 will become $3,100. A couple who contributes $500 will provide us with a much-needed $6,200!

I want to make it perfectly clear. These matching funds are NOT TAXPAYER DOLLARS. Instead, the fund consists of voluntary donations and compounding interest designed to level the playing field and allow grassroots campaigns like ours to compete against the millions in special interest money.

This is grassroots fundraising at its best. In order to qualify, we need to raise $258,612.42 as soon as possible in individual contributions of $250 or less, or contributions from married couples of $500.


Your strong early support will not only help us reach that threshold but also help me increase my name recognition around the state. As I noted, early polling suggests I am the only candidate with a chance of defeating the O’Malley-Brown-Gansler regime and what we do in these early weeks will prove crucial to our success.

The real question in this historic election is this: What do we want in our next Governor?

Do we want someone who is part of problem? Or someone who will be part of the solution?

As Founder, President, and CEO of The Hogan Companies, a leader in economic development for 25 years, I have brought hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs to Maryland. I know what it takes to create jobs and lure businesses here. Hint: it’s not higher taxes and burdensome regulations.

From 2003 to 2007, I took a leave from my company to serve in Governor Ehrlich’s Cabinet so I understand state government and know what it will take to solve our state’s problems. It’s time to bring integrity back to Annapolis. If elected, I will fight for more truthfulness, more transparency, and tougher ethics and disclosure laws.
This is not political rhetoric. How can it be? I am not a politician.

I’m not running to be something, I’m running to DO something.

An informed electorate, an honest and open debate of the issues, and the competition of a healthy and strong two-party system are essential to good government and it’s what Maryland so desperately needs.

Up until my recent campaign announcement, the arrogant monopoly in Annapolis just expected another coronation in November. They have the power of the incumbency and special interest money on their side …But I have you.

And over 80,000 other Marylanders who are FED UP, too.

Please stand strong with us by contributing $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or some other amount today so that we can put the arrogant monopoly in Annapolis on notice that we are going to give them the toughest fight of their lives?

Remember, individual contributions of up to $250 will be matched on a 12 to 1 basis!


Taking on the Annapolis elite won’t be easy — or cheap — but with your strong early support, we will connect with the voters and change direction for Maryland.



Larry Hogan

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