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Before I get into the meat of the weekend roundup, I’d like to encourage you to attend the 2014 Maryland March for Life on March 10 in Annapolis.

The Charles County GOP’s Lincoln Douglass-Dinner kicked the weekend off Friday night. Of course, Larry Hogan had a scheduling conflict and didn’t plan to be there, but his campaign went to great lengths to hide where he was going to be (as did the event organizer.) I noted that Hogan was the keynote Friday night at an event for Queen Anne’s County Commissioner candidate Paul Comfort, who faces multiple Republican primary opponents.

Besides Hogan, Brian Vaeth and David Craig missed the Charles County event after being committed to being there. Craig was involved an emergency weather meeting (that ran late) to plan for the winter storm response in Harford County. Of course, that got morphed into under the weather and then much worse after Craig’s people called the event organizers in Charles Lollar’s home county. None of the candidates who attended got there in time for the VIP reception before the dinner.


I discussed a couple of things involving the Prince George’s County GOP this weekend – both of which are primary a problem of optics and perception. The first piece I wrote related to the fact that State Senate candidate Janice Fountaine has made some, at best, controversial statements in the past. Some of the past remarks included criticism of Republicans as recently as 2012. Then there were her remarks about masturbation that got all the attention on The other issue is that the leadership of the Prince George’s County GOP apparently created, approved, and implemented a voter outreach campaign named after a biblical plague. The campaign is called Sea of Locusts.

I also noted an appearance by Michael Steele on MSNBC where he applauded and said “bravo” to a vile Spike Lee rant against white people moving to black neighborhoods.

I also discussed blogger Michael Swartz’s observations about what he sees as a lack of substantive messaging coming from the campaign of Larry Hogan. I pointed out that Hogan hasn’t closed the deal yet with many Republicans because of this.

Some other items from this weekend:



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