Wade Kach’s ethics problems


Wade Kach has been a member of the House of Delegates since Gerald Ford was President. He probably needed to come home long before now, but his plans for coming home  are running for county council and not retiring. He may be retired either way after the June primary if he doesn’t manage to defeat incumbent councilman Todd Huff in the Republican primary.

While Kach’s wife is busy attacking his opponent on Facebook, the delegate himself is running into some ethical problems with his campaign mailings and emails.

Richard Cross first wrote about problems with Kach’s campaign communications.

Cross provided a picture of a letter that was mailed out by the Kach campaign and detailed what was in it:

The mailing then segues into a “questionnaire” soliciting citizens’ thoughts on two issue areas which would seem to highlight perceived vulnerabilities of Kach’s primary challenger, incumbent Baltimore County Councilman Todd Huff.
Hey, I get it…politics is a full contact sport. Kach is free to employ such tactics, even though they seem to be a violation of his pledge not to run a negative campaign.
What he is not free to do, however, is to use state resources in the process.
In the mailer, Kach solicits feedback to these questions by email, and lists his official state delegate email address as a proper response vehicle.

Cross also detailed the issues with the Kach campaign email, in which Kach’s legislative email address is used as contact information in a political email:

Clearly the man is either arrogant, clueless, or both. Sitting on the floor of the Maryland House of Delegates and using a state-issued smartphone or laptop to field campaign inquiries is not what I would call doing the job he was elected, and reelected, to do.
Will someone who received either the mailed or emailed version of this communication contact the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics and report this outrageous behavior?
I’ve seen a subsequent Kach email which lists a Gmail address in the body of the message as a contact address. However, the email template still includes the legislative address in a hyperlink in the footer of the message.
Some of the issues may be addressed here.
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