Hough-Brinkley Bloodbath Update


David Lublin of The Seventh State has been looking at Maryland Senate primaries.

Part I of his look at the primaries includes this analysis of the District 4 Senate Primary between David Brinkley and Mike Hough:

Incumbent David Brinkley faces Del. Michael Hough (R 3), who has been redistricted into this very Republican district in Frederick County. While Brinkley has the home turf advantage, Hough has far more money. This will be a bloody contest with Hough coming at Brinkley from the right and arguing that Republicans need a true conservative to carry the flag. Brinkley has committed the heretical sin of working with the majority Democrats on occasion. More info here and hereRating: Toss-Up.

Greg Kline of Red Maryland notes today that Hough has been endorsed by former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett and Blaine Young. This is apparently Young’s first endorsement of someone since he announced for County Executive. Young previously made an endorsement of Charles Lollar that in hindsight now looks to have been very premature.

Kline does get a passive-aggressive shot in at me in his post today (calling me “ill-informed”). This seems more than just a bit petty considering how I responded to the situation he alludes to and also how I laid out all his criticisms of Brinkley in full in the original post. I would think Red Maryland would have plenty of enemies to concern themselves with over the past few days without getting an unneeded dig in at a friend.

Red Maryland previously endorsed Hough as well and Joe Steffen also wrote that he is “strongly leaning” toward Hough in the race. As I said before, this puts that duo on the same side of something just a bit awkwardly this week. I have largely stayed out of the controversy/contention this week between Steffen and Red Maryland. I think some of the reaction to that situation is being overblown by those who would say Red Maryland had been bought off by the umbrella industry if they accurately reported it was going to rain.

Getting back to the Hough-Brinkley race, it’s already delivering on the promises of a nasty primary. The scuttblebutt and rumor-mongering on both sides makes what has actually been reported seem tame.

To paraphrase the great Jim Ross, this race is going to be a slobberknocker and it’s going to be bowling shoe ugly before it is all said and done.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. If Hough hadn’t painted himself into a corner by teaming up with the toxic Kathi Afzali, we wouldn’t be losing one if these 2 good legislators. Me