Is it really news that Ben Carson endorsed Charles Lollar today?


The Lollar campaign posted this message (and sent an email) about a supposed endorsement from apparent gun-control advocate Ben Carson today:

I have the distinct honor of announcing to you today that Dr. Ben Carson has decided to support my campaign for Governor of our great state of Maryland – not just with words, but by digging deep into his own pocket to help us financially.

He wants you to know that he has just given my campaign the maximum donation of $4,000.

Note that there doesn’t appear to be any actual announcement or comments from Carson himself available so far. Everything is in the third person about Carson from the Lollar campaign.

In fact, former Lollar campaign manager Karen Winterling sent an email on April 23, 2013 from the Draft Lollar campaign touting an endorsement from Carson way back then:

We are so thrilled to have this endorsement from Dr. Ben Carson. Please stand with Dr. Carson in support of Charles Lollar and make a contribution today. It would be wonderful to tell Dr. Carson about the financial impact his endorsement is having on the campaign; and it may just inspire him to run for public office himself…

In addition to Winterling’s words that message had a quote from Lollar (but nothing at all from Carson himself):

“I am honored and deeply humbled to be endorsed by Dr. Ben Carson regarding my consideration to run in the upcoming election to become the next Governor of Maryland. Dr. Carson is a great leader who exemplifies the American spirit. This is the same spirit that I intend to bring with me as we begin to share our message with Maryland’s voters now and all the way to Annapolis.” ~ Charles

The 2013 “endorsement” was touted on the Lollar website and then removed at some point.

That Draft campaign email had pictures from an event at the Willard Hotel in Washington. The Lollar campaign finance report from earlier this year shows expenditures totalling over $4300 on April 5 and April 26. 2013. As you may recall, the Draft Lollar campaign kicked off on December 31, 2012 and wasn’t a true draft since Lollar himself signed the statement of organization.

Pictures from the Willard event in April 2013 show Lollar at the event with Carson. They were posted on Facebook and two of them were in the Winterling email referenced above.

Lollar was on active duty at the time of the Carson event in D.C. This would seem to give even more proof of an affirmative answer to a question I asked before:

Did Charles Lollar violate regulations for active duty personnel that relate to partisan political activities?

I went into a great amount of detail previously about Charles Lollar’s political activities while on active duty in apparent violations of regulations. I closed that piece with these words:

To sum things up, Charles Lollar has apparently violated DD 1344.10′s regulations regarding political activity while on active duty in multiple ways:

  • He was the featured speaker at partisan political events, including multiple fundraisers.
  • He appeared on television speaking on behalf of a cause or party

Lollar recently challenged anyone to vet his military career and his business career. He apparently has forgotten that I already did the former in November. However, this is a reminder to me that I need to do the rest of the research needed to finish that narrative.

Getting back to the Carson endorsement, it would appear that Carson may have actually endorsed Lollar this time, unlike the 2013 “endorsement” that was walked back. Absent seeing a cancelled check from Carson or waiting on the next finance reports in April, we have no way of knowing 100% this time unless Carson himself puts out a statement or is quoted on the record as endorsing Charles Lollar.

The Lollar’s track record when it comes to touting endorsements from almost anyone who has nice things to say about him at times is the only reason for the skepticism I’m expressing and wanting an actual statement from Ben Carson himself.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Jeff,
    Please help to clarify for ALL Republicans, especially those of us in MD that the brilliant Dr. Ben Carson is NOT — AND REPEAT — IS NOT– a registered REPUBLICAN. Dr. Ben Carson is a registered
    INDEPENDENT in his home State of Maryland. Geezzzz even C4 knows this one correctly.

    Although Dr. Ben is a brilliant, noted and life transforming neurosurgeon as well as philanthropist whom I admire….he CAN NOT even actively vote in our great Country as well as our State- Maryland- political primary system. IT is what IT is… But we as a party – like you said -should not treat politicians nor wanna-be politicians (like a former Senate Candidate who is of our party BUT caused us to loose a KEY Presidential Cycle Senate race due to arrogance nor since losing has he actually participated in our State’s political grassroots to my knowledge unless it’s only to promote his own personal agenda- that includes taking advantage of our hard working “boots on the ground” GOP grassroots ..and treating people like sheeple…sorry I digressed for a sec.)

    We should NOT treat these FOLKS as ROCK STARS. American Democracy, if I may politely remind us all, stems from the Greek word-“demokratia” which means “rule of the people” it’s not derived from the Greek word- “aristokratia” which means “rule of the elite”. Our party within our Country’s Democratic Political System supports and fight for Democracy.

    We have do not have a perfect system since people have faults but we do have Freedom. Unlike what’s going on around the world our government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or indirectly through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. We encompass social, religious, cultural, ethnic and racial equality, justice, liberty and fraternity. No foundational chaos due to indecisive, wishy-washy people..

    Although in our Country, we give people the freedom to be indecisive-even wishy-washy and vote in General Elections. Those of us who influence an awesome system and Political Party prior to the General Election have the right because we take the lumps of standing up at the front of the line and who actually PICKED a TEAM (we do not all have to agreed a 100% – we are the big tent accountability party) …and we understand that given the historical context that this IS the way our current system is the most functional. What’s the saying ” Check yourself before you wreck yourself?!”

    Republicans, particularly those of us in Maryland, if we want to win in November, need to shape-up again and exercise the power of 3’s: (1) stop in-fighting, (2) start playing well in the sand box together like we teach our kids, & (3) to truly embrace common ground in our MD GOP. Jobs, job,jobs– it’s about JOBS…and rehanging the public notice on our State’s “Welcome to Maryland” signs that include “OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN- SERIOUSLY WE HAVE REPUBLICAN GOV” or “FORGET VA WE ARE RE-OPENED FOR OPPORTUNITY”

    I urge all REPUBLICANS –those folks, like me, who actually have picked our team –and work really hard to make THIS cycle matter for REPUBLICANS…if we want to have another HISTORIC ELECTION BEFORE 3 decades past again and another possible tipping point cycle in our beloved Maryland surfaces.

    Understanding Dr. Ben is a busy man…I have offered to personally give him a “a change of party affiliation” form that I carry in my briefcase from the BOE– AH for the record HE has not yet taken me up on my polite & sincere offer…’just say’n…

    Finally, I’ll close with this FACT for blog followers to assist them with my sourcing on DR. BEN CARSON who is a person of amazing accomplishment BUT is NOT a REPUBLICAN … Click on the link I’ve attached but also note other liberal media outlets like NYT have cited the fact as well (I just don’t trust everything in the NYT like 1 of my media mentors -Reed Irvine taught me!) system works)

    Thanks for allowing me to share Jeff. Exhaling now. This worn shoe leather MD GOP Woman was completely inspired this week by at least 31 new statewide self-starters as well as self identified and self recruited REGISTERED MD REPUBLICANS from diverse backgrounds ….who have chosen to stand up an be counted. I am so grateful to all of these REGISTERED MD GOP individuals for proving ” WE AIN’T DEAD YET”…

    Best regards,