The Quinton Report at #CPAC2014


My piece on why you shouldn’t treat politicians like rock stars at CPAC (or anywhere else) has received a lot of acclaim this week.

Some of the on-the-ground reporting from CPAC shows exactly the type of behavior I’m referring to.

Dave Weigel rounds up things from earlier this morning at the event and point this out:

Sens. Ted Cruz and Tim Scott being chased by throngs of college students and international reporters, whipping up such a frenzy that security had to cut off the interlopers at a barrier. Escaping the scrum, I overheard some of the college students comparing notes.

“I just shook hands with Tim Scott.”

“That just happened!”

I will be headed down to National Harbor later this afternoon. I should be around at CPAC (picking up my media credentials and seeing what else is going on) for a bit before heading to a couple of other events, including happy hours and parties where I won’t be falling all over myself to get selfies with any politicians (although I may still pose for some pictures with some of them.)

I did find it ironic after I wrote what I did earlier in the week that I ended up winning a VIP ticket to BlogBash tonight.

In addition to this afternoon and evening, I will be around most of the day Friday but it looks like I’m missing Saturday for more important matters. Another example of what I previously wrote about CPAC: I actually had a friend tell me to come to CPAC Saturday too; that I could do the pro-life activities I have planned Saturday anytime. (I am participating in a kickoff rally for 40 Days for Life outside an abortion facility and later participating with my Knights of Columbus council as they start their baby bottle campaign at Saturday evening Mass.)

If you’re looking for me just check out my Twitter feed at @JeffQuinton and if you want to get together to talk over a cup of coffee or a drink, just tweet me a message.

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Jeff Quinton

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