Report: Impallaria’s HB 1513 DOA in House Rules?


Joe Steffen publishes an email the MD GOP Chair Diana Waterman sent earlier today about HB 1513:

Dear Executive Committee Members:

HB1513 was held in the Rules Committee today. It has to make it out of Rules before it can be heard and voted upon. So it’s looking good for us. Keep your fingers crossed and we’ll keep working!


Diana Waterman

Chairman, Maryland Republican Party

Waterman also told Steffen that:

“I’m not claiming victory until I know there is no possible way this can go anywhere but it looks good. And while Joe (Cluster) would have me take the credit, I can’t honestly say it was me.”

Stating that she “did contact the Republican members of the Rules committee and ask them to keep it in Rules, that it would be a hugely destructive force on the Party. But as I don’t know what happened in the committee and it’s not a totally dead issue yet,” Ms. Waterman adds, “I’m not doing a victory dance – just breathing a little easier…”

Steffen also reports since then he has heard the bill is dead. I have heard the same thing. Specifically, my sources tell me it is stuck in Rules and would have trouble getting out to a standing committee.

I also hear Impallaria is enraged at state party officials for their move to get this legislation killed.

Steffen also has an email from Wednesday (that confirms what I already reported) where Waterman told executive committee members:

I am vehemently opposed to it and am actively working to have it withdrawn. If I am unsuccessful in that effort, I will fight it vigorously. Although before fighting an all-out war over this, I would like to try to discuss the issue with the delegates first. Therefore I have not issued a statement yet. I would appreciate your support in my attempts to kill this bill first before issuing a “call to arms” in your counties.

I previously wrote about Impallaria’s spin in favor of the bill as well as reactions from Del. Kelly Schulz, Joe Steffen, and Michael Swartz.

Jeff Quinton

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