Brinkley actually sent a campaign email about daylight saving time


Saturday afternoon, the campaign of David Brinkley actually sent an email about daylight saving time and reminding people to set their clocks ahead before they went to bed. I’m really glad Brinkley sent that message out or there might have been people missing out on that totally. I guess that means it can be assumed that he supports daylight saving time and wouldn’t vote to abolish it?

The font in the email is pretty embarrassing too. It’s a font called segoe print and it’s not too far removed from comic sans for bad fonts to use in professional looking documents.

Here’s the email:



The contact information at the bottom also included this cheesy graphic:



This is just the latest example of a bad email sent by a Maryland politician. You have to wonder what went through the head of whoever decided to send this message. What made it seem like a good idea? What other topics would have been better for an email that would actually serve the campaign well?

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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